Subpoena duces tecum Research Essay

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Venice, a homeowner in Shawnee County, Kansas, filed the lawsuit, which is being handled by our company. Our customer Smart Electronics sold a heater to Venice. According to the fire department's mishap investigation, the heater is what started the fire at her house. As the house insurer, we issue a subpoena duces tecum requesting all the documentation related to the serious claim. This information will allow our business to assess the veracity of Venice's claims. (Jordan, 2016). The papers will also enable us to plan the course of action after the lawsuit. The subpoena requires that the reports be submitted to our offices by 10th, December 2017, at 6:00 pm.

Notice of Deposition

Superior Court of the State of Kansas

Plaintiffs Names


Defendants Names

Case Number:

Notice of Taking Deposition and additional production of the required documents

This court notifies the parties to the case that on 15th, December 2017 at 10:00 am, the plaintiff will take an oral deposition of (add the name of the nonparty), at the Office of J&T Advocates 109 Claflin Road, KS 87964-0410. Please note that the deposition will be carried out on a daily basis until the day that it will be completed.

Review of the presentation

Based on the video foot counter that has been presented before this court, on 31st. May 2001, central daylight time, the driver of a truck knowingly caused an accident near Mountainburg Arkansas when his vehicle collided with a school bus leading to five minor injuries and four fatal injuries. Based on the exhibit 8 that details vehicle information, the servicing of the truck did last do eight months ago, with the driver consciously know the consequences of such to the welfare and safety of other road users.


Jordan, J. D. (2016). Out of Control Federal Subpoenas: When Does a Nonparty Subsidiary Have Control of Documents Possessed by a Foreign Parent. Baylor L. Rev., 68, 189.

July 15, 2023

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