The Career Quest System at University of Maryland at College Park

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I have to confess

that the first time when our professor told us about the career quest system, I thought it was just a system like any other that would make a university offering online degrees look more inclusive, or rather look more responsible in service provision. I never thought of visiting the site until I found a friend chatting one on one with the operations manager of a company I had longed to work in. That time, I was still having plans of joining the army but I decided that when I went home in the evening, I would have a taste of the system (I had to set an alarm because of the dementia I was recently diagnosed with). One of the amazing things I found at the account system is that one could freely talk with the alumni of UMUC, and if you are lucky you would have the opportunity to share one on one with a person in your field who would help you improve your career goals. Also, I found it a good forum for students to explore the various available internship and employment opportunities that would match their skills.

Benefits in setting up the account

Immediately I set up the account, some of the services that were not available were now accessible. For instance, it is after completion of my profile that I managed to view the profile of other people, and that helped me identify the people who we share similar goals. As a matter of fact, it is at this stage that I made many of my campus friends, who were equally excited to meet me. The e-resume review process provided in the career quest system also helped me to improve my skills in resume development. Most importantly, the account enabled me to find the most constructive to be spending my free time, which is to view what the future holds for me.

How our course relates to my academic careers and goals

One of my career goals is to become an accountant who is able to handle issues of great concern or complicated issues in big businesses. By undertaking this course (ACCT 301 Accounting for Non-accounting Mgrs), we have acquired special skills in which I can use financial information to make important business decisions. This means that this course automatically make me a financial manager, and it guarantees my success rate as a future entrepreneur. Secondly, in this course we have learnt the art of applying ethical issues and critical thinking skills to accounting issues. Critical thinking is one of the skills that I believe are the reasons behind why we have billionaires today and at the same time we have peasants. Billionaires spend much of their time on critical thinking, and they can never make a business decision without first giving it the necessary thought. For this reason, they have always excelled in the business, and people are left wondering what powered. Also in businesses, there are many ethical issues, some of which may waste a lot of your precious time due to their unplanned nature. If such ethical issues are not dealt with the right way, they can also serve as pillars of destruction to the business. For these reasons, I feel that the course relates to all my career and goals, and there is not a single time in life when I will ever regret making the decision to take the course.

August 18, 2023

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