The Effect of Personal Factors on Consumer Behavior

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Customers and Their Purchase Decision

Customers tend to purchase a particular service given the past experience. According to Rani (2014), personal factors such as socioeconomic status, age, and lifestyle influence the consumer decision to purchase a commodity. At Delacroix, the unique experience prompts the desire by many customers to continuously purchase the tickets for the upcoming shows. Most of the return customers often have a prior experience regarding the nature of Delacroix shows thereby triggering their rationale to purchase the tickets (DeLong & Vijayaranghavan, 2012). It is evident that higher socioeconomic status is associated with larger and consistent purchases for many consumer groups. Also, consumers tend to align their purchase decisions to the marketing campaigns that attempt to influence their personal preferences over other priorities (Rani, 2014). The advertisements through various media platforms regularly remind consumers about the products in the market increasing their potential to acquire a commodity.

Psychological Factors and Consumer Purchase Decision

Moreover, psychological factors impact consumer purchase decision. Motivation and learning aspects inspire customers to undertake various purchase decisions (Rani, 2014). Appealing and attractive marketing campaigns have the potential to convince customers to buy Delacroix tickets. Delacroix engages in mass marketing of its services across the consumer market which focuses on influencing their decision to attend the shows (DeLong & Vijayaranghavan, 2012). Mass marketing entails advertising a product to all consumer groups without a specific focus with the aim of appealing to a large clientele (Tanner & Anne, n.d., Chapter 5). Delacroix Company's website plays a great role in promoting social media campaigns towards increasing consumer awareness about the availability of the tickets for the subsequent shows. For instance, Delacroix engaged in a three month run of their shows in trying to attract customers to attend their show.

Social Factors and Consumer Purchase Decision

Besides, social factors within the consumer environment can either set precedence for the purchase or neglect of a commodity. Group influence influences the purchasing decisions for customers. The mass consumption of a particular product influences and encourages the purchase decision for new customers. Positive reviews encourage more purchases while negative reviews dissuade potential consumers (Chen & Shen, 2015). Delacroix's website has a section for customer review. Visiting consumers can often ascertain past experiences thereby making decisions regarding their ticket purchase. Through the general marketing approach, Delacroix focuses on reaching out to all customer ages and groups. Market research promotes the understanding of the societal influences for their purchase decisions (Tanner & Anne, n.d., Chapter 10). Delacroix can undertake market research in comprehending societal expectations and realigning their focus in matching the demand.

Situational Factors and Consumer Purchase Decision

Elsewhere, situational factors impact the purchasing decision of customers across various markets. According to Pappas (2016), situational factors refer to attributes that influence the behavior of individuals beyond the control of the manufacturers or retailers of a commodity or service. First, the timing of service provision greatly impacts on the likelihood of consumer purchase. Consumers tend to purchase essential services first and later resort to obtaining other services at their preferences. Besides, the regularity of a commodity influences the purchase decision with the availability of a service over extended periods encouraging a hold-up decision. Second, the physical surrounding of individuals impacts on the potential of consumers. Delacroix location facilities have an influence on consumer access thereby necessitating a survey on the best approach of enhancing consumer outreach. Purchase displays, institutional location, and exhibitions affect the purchasing decision of consumers across the marketplace. Accessible locations encourage consumer purchase of products and services.


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September 18, 2023

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