The higher education is a critical level of any given student

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Higher education is a crucial stage for any particular student, and any obstacles faced by students should be investigated. Health care is an essential field in every country and, if the health sector is not successful, it should be corrected. The best option is to do research and come to conclusions. I have selected my subject for the English 111 Study Paper because it includes reading and writing practices. The study is required on the issue of free higher education and health care for people. It includes publishing, workshopping, and constant revision. The topic is of great concern to many stakeholders in the country more so in the education and healthcare sectors.

I began doing my research on the topic by visiting some of the students who had dropped out of school, especially those who were in colleges and universities. I interviewed the affected students to get the reasons why they opted to drop out of school directly from them. I also went ahead and interviewed the families of these affected students to get the exact causes of the dropouts and inability of the parents to pay up for their children in colleges and universities. I also went to the hospitals to inquire about the situation in the healthcare sector. I began doing my research through observation. I went ahead to interview the patients and also the management of the healthcare institutions. I also did the research on the internet to see how free education and healthcare had worked in some other states. I was able to retrieve some information from the internet that was giving a solution to the health and education sectors.

The research process was a difficult task as it required funding and commitment. Traveling to different states of America to gather data was hectic. Some institutions denied access to their data making the whole process difficult. I relied on the interviews and observations. The interviews gave substantial sources with the help of which I could base my argument as to why free education should be provided for students of the United States. The interviews in the hospitals were substantial as the drug prices in pharmacies are not affordable to any middle-class worker. In Chicago colleges, the data that was taken shows that many dropouts had been witnessed over the past five years. Many lethal cases were also discovered out of lack of medication.

I utilized communication skills, evaluating ideas and critical thinking to analyze the arguments of others. I communicated with others to get information from them; I evaluated their reasoning and critically analyzed their points of view.

The greatest strength of the research essay was the information got directly from the victims. The students who were affected told me exact reasons of their cases and what was to be done in such situations. The online research work also gave some information on this topic. The greatest weakness was that I was not allowed to access some databases in some institutions due to confidentiality and for security reasons, for example, in Chicago hospitals and schools.

I learned that many students who drop out of school do yearn to complete their higher education in colleges and schools but are only deterred by the expensive tuition fees charged by the institutions. The government can take control of the situation by fully funding the higher education in order to help the students.

I would get information from every database that could help me develop a quality research work. Some information is restricted, making the research work not possible to complete. The research could have been more comprehensive if all the data had been absolutely applied and exhausted, with several solutions found.

July 24, 2021

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