The Impact of Going to Outdoor Camp as a Kid on my Current Life and Attitude

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An individual's present lifestyle and attitude toward different facets of life are profoundly rooted in their early years of development. Evidence from recent observational psychology research suggests that an individual's future life and personality are heavily influenced by their childhood lifestyle. Growing up with a passion for engaging in a particular practice seems to have a large impact on attitudinal shifts in an individual's future existence. Personally, I used to enjoy outdoor camping as a kid. I particularly enjoyed hiking in the mountains during these outdoor camps. As a result, I developed an intrinsic passion for mountains. My love for outdoor camps, hiking, and appreciation for mountains has played a fundamental role in shaping my current life and attitude towards different aspects. In this regard, there is need to sufficiently explore the impact of my childhood life in shaping my current attitudes and life. As such, this retrospect analytical essay focus on critically analyzing the impact of my childhood love for outdoor camping, hiking and appreciating mountains on my current life and attitudes.

In my current life, I love caring and conserving the natural environment. Presently, I advocate for environmental conservation in my neighborhood and in all places that I visit. My personal love for naturally existing geographical environment draws its origin from my childhood love for outdoor camping, hiking and appreciating mountains. Notably, in the course of outdoor camping in my early life, I always took care of the environment. Before setting up a camp, I could collect all the rubbish around my location and dump it in the correct places. Additionally, I cleared some of the weeds which had grown along trees. I further encouraged my childhood friends to help me in cleaning the environment before we could set up our camp. Essentially, it is clear that my childhood love for outdoor camping, hiking and appreciating the mountains has led to my attitudinal change and love for environmental conservation.

Secondly, in my current life I love visiting new areas with mountains. Given that mountains naturally exist, I enjoy visiting these areas in order to appreciate these naturally adorable geographical phenomena. Arguably, not everyone can take their time and spend money to visit new places just to see mountains. Personally, I find it worthy doing because the passion for mountains has never depleted in my life since my early years. I have visited a lot of new places around the word just see various mountains. Needless to say, in the course of these tours, I participate in outdoor camping and hiking. This explains how my love for these activities in my early life of growth has shaped my current attitude and lifestyle.

Lastly, my childhood life has also helped in shaping my current life and attitude in that I desire to purse an environmental related course. Given that I had great passion for outdoor camping influencing my love for hiking and appreciating mountains, pursing an environmentally related course will be very significant. The course will provide an opportunity to fully care for the natural environment, travel in new places to see and appreciate mountains, and carry out camping in the line of professional duty. In addition, pursing and environmentally related course is important since it will lead to the development of a highly competent, skilled and qualified professional. This is because I have basic knowledge about naturally existing phenomenon such as mountains from my childhood experience.

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In summary, my childhood love for outdoor camping, hiking and appreciating mountains has greatly changed my current life and attitude. Currently, I love conserving and protecting the naturally existing environment, touring new places around the world to see different mountains, and I have a desire to pursue an environmentally related career so that I continue doing what I love most.

August 18, 2021

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