The Importance of Programming Languages

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Python is one of the essential source programming languages, which are often used today. Although some programmers view it as new coding language on the block, Python is much older than even Java and JavaScript. It is a map and filters functional programming tool working with patches and supports complex numbers ("Programming Languages: C++, Java, Python and Others - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.Com" n.p). Python has been widely used by Google, Nokia, and NASA for its syntax. It is best suited for higher level general tasks, backend web development, artificial intelligence, scientific computing and data analysis.


Contrarily, JavaScript is also a programming language integrated into Netscape Navigator. JavaScript records a fascinating and rich history although it falls under those languages hated in the planet ("Programming Languages: C++, Java, Python and Others - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.Com" n.p). Companies, which have supplanted JavaScript include Microsoft, First Sun, Adobe, and Google. It is a de-facto standard programming language which is best suited for web development. Additionally, it is well suited for a large class of non-web related applications and single page applications.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing has changed my life tremendously. Notably, searching something in unarguably amazing since a mouse or an external keyboard is not needed. It has made it easier for me to swamp marketplaces of augmented reality games, take videos and pictures, and entertain myself thus making my life incredible.

Commonly Used Programming Languages

Some of the commonly used programming languages include HTML 5 for building web pages based on apps and also developing Android and iOS apps ("Mobile App User Acquisition Solution for Advertisers" n.p). Also, Objective-C is an extensively used object-oriented program design language for apps that run on Mac OS, and Mobile. I am an HVAC Controls tech, and I can confidently report that programming is vital to my everyday work life. With the massive volumes of data that I continuously review, I need to understand the way I can manipulate this data hence I require computer information systems.

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