The Importance of Technology in Research

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Technology and the Spread of Knowledge

Technology has been a dynamic platform for the emergence of new ideas and their widespread. New forms of knowledge and new ways of thinking have been anticipated with the theorems in which people come up and spread new forms of progressive thinking. Technology has been on the upper hand in the spread of knowledge and skills and has benefited many scholars who continuously use it to do their research about certain topics.


In accordance with Nicholas, Carr technology has devised and changed the traditional ways through which people used to do research and transformed it into a new way of doing it. A research which would take a scholar more than enough days in the libraries can now be done in a span of a few minutes. This has been made easy by the use of the technological platforms such as the Google, computers and the discovery of the Internet which accumulates all forms of knowledge from the diverse world (Hooper et al.23).

This can be described in the putting up of two essays side by side and the area they concur. In the essay written by Sherry Turkles, he poses a challenge stating that computers have made people very lazy in their thinking. As back in the historical traditional system of reading which involved the use of libraries, the current system, and the invention of computers have affected thinking in a diverse way. People are not ready to think anymore, they always find it hard to sit down in a library and study since it will take them a lot of time. This has enabled people to develop a diverse obligation of using computers as it suits them best and they can attain what they require without the use of excessive thinking. On the same aspect, as Nicholas puts it, he states that the use of computers have influenced the way we think in a great capacity. He points out that traditionally people were able to go through a certain book and learn deep in libraries but with the current state of affairs, people can't even finish reading a novel as it will be hard for them even to study some few pages. He argues that his potential to think and convict information from the books has changed and that he has majorly continued using the computers(Hooper et al.17).


According to the two essays, the mode of thinking has changed in the sense that people only use the computers, for instance, to get what they only need to acquire from them and they have no need to obtain knowledge about the functioning criteria of how other software operates. They simply rearrange the work to suit their own benefit and ensure that they get the work as they want it without a lot of inputs as there is correctional handle which makes their work neat without putting many efforts. In this regard, the use of Google has as well influenced thinking as people are not always ready to develop a new sense of thinking. Most probably this is because in many instances people always accept what the Internet web feeds them with and rarely questions on the applicability and the exponential of such information. They accept it as real and the most important one and that they can't think of advancing their knowledge through studying in the library (Turkle and Sherry 5). This system has made learners not even want to reason as all form of information they need they will get it from Google thus killing the spirit of reasoning.

Both of these scholars argue that the use of technology has a diverse platform of ensuring that the rate of concentration diminishes. This is because there is always a shift from one point of thinking to the other when it becomes to the use of computers and webs. It becomes very difficult for people to continue using a specific site for study as there are many options to divert to. A learner might shift attention to replying text, scrolling up for new emails and this diverts concentration from the intended study. Therefore in this exponential state, it becomes a challenge to acquire concrete information about a particular field (Turkle and Sherry. 4.) The state of being lazy and slow rate of thinking therefore has been the talk of the day as people find it difficult and mostly get addicted to the web facility and not like before in traditional learning which was majorly in library as people rush through the articles to get a clue about what's there and associate themselves with other things to exclaim. Traditionally people used to shelter and protect information from the reach of the inappropriate audience which ensured privacy was mentioned in all areas. The use of technology has diversified this where anybody can access different information from sites regardless of who it concerns and thus this may cause a long time effect about the people involved. Like many may tend to bring up a contradicting statement from this sites which may, therefore, fail an organization .In this regard, these two scholars have commented that regardless of this assertion, it is very clear that information generations have been made fast and simpler. Nicholas argues that the use of technological facilities has encouraged research because the use of either computers and tablets have encouraged and diversified learning as recent research can be conducted anywhere and at anyplace not like it before where the library was the only option of obtaining knowledge. It is, therefore, an essential part of human and can't be separated from him because of the dynamic aspect of the human culture (Hooper et al.27).

Both essays acknowledge the aspect that it is very crucial for use of library since books and articles provide the best form of knowledge and firm reference to which is constantly stable not like in the Internet webs where it keeps on updating. These encourage learners to limit the use of computers and web services so as to establish and balance concentration between the usage of the Internet and libraries (Turkle and Sherry 7).


In this aspect, therefore, technology is of much importance that it is very crucial and part of daily lives if the people. It should be firm and well acquainted with cultural attributes and development of the society. Even in the library, there should always be a standing platform for computers and Internet services to provide assistance to people seeking to gather and complement information about a particular subject. As human culture is dynamic the technology is also dynamic and should be mentioned for the well being of society. Users should also be encouraged not to become addicted to it but bring new methods to separate and balance between the two areas.

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August 21, 2023




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