The Second Sex and Simone de Beauvoir

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Simone de Beauvoir, one of the historical feminists in the world, did a revolutionary work in the history of gender equality in the world. The second sex is her book that has the highest contribution to gender philosophy in the world. In the modern day feminism, Simone de Beauvoir is still instrumental when it comes to poor treatment of women just because of their sex. She outlines how women strive to obtain equality, and most philosophers believe that the author was ahead of time. The theme of the conference which restructures traits of women who manage to get in power is one of the modern day instruments that is used by the feminist, thanks to Simone de Beauvoir. The approach she uses in the book “the second sex” did not only contribute to gender equality in the past but has had great contribution in the modern days. Feminist philosophy references Simone de Beauvoir as one of the major figures of influence in the world history.

There are fundamental statements that have been echoed in her famous book “the second sex” was released. This clearly depicts that her contribution was to be used not only her time but also in the century to come. In her book, she recognizes that the value of a woman would appear ill-fated as far as she perpetuates philosophical schemes. She referenced the early moment where she confined development of feminist which was a grounding point beyond which she progressed. Using her examples, the modern feminists have since joined to move beyond in bringing gender equality. Her great work concerning cycle analysis anthropology, biology as well as sociology has attracted great attention from psychologists, philosophers, and feminists. Although most of them analyze the flows of her book and statements, it is clear that most of the content of her work is still relevant today. The social relationship between men and women that she changed is still seen in the modern day through the modern day feminism.

Modern Use of Her Myths

For Simone de Beauvoir, the best way to outline the world, the things happening in it and to give a rationale for observation or social customers is using myths. This is because myths explain a specific culture; they are true and exist naturally. Well, her believe concerning myth is still in practice today since most feminist use her idea of myths in the attempt to bring gender equality. Apart from representing the reality, myths overtake the reality itself thus transforming it into absolute truth. In the modern world, most people have used myths to explain contents and beliefs thus driving their point. The struggle for gender equality does not seem to stop yet it started many decades ago. Therefore, it can be classified as an evergreen issue that philosophers have embarked on exploring. In their finding, the use of myths by Simone de Beauvoir has caused a great contribution in the modern world.

By using myths to campaign for equality, feminists can portray conceived facts that have the shape of the truth. Therefore, their self-vested purposes have a high probability of working out for them since in the ultimate; the truth is likely to prevail. Myths have been known since ages to keep women in cages that make them appear inferior to men. Simone attempted to break them free from such bonds which existed from myths. In the current situations, some women are still tied to myths and cultures that make them inferior to me. The connection, thus, between the current feminists and Simone is seen to exist in the context of myths and the attempt to break women from them. The physiology of marriages that Balzac stated predicts that people should not pay attention to the pains, murmurs, and cries of the woman. He believed that nature made her bear everything including sorrows and pains. These, are the kind of statements and believes that Simone fought against and in the modern world, women are seen resisting any gender unfairness which exists from myths and cultures.

Socially Constructed Phenomenon

Basing her argument on the fact that a woman is a phenomenon that is socially constructed, Simone gave basic statements to argue her point. In this context, most of the statements she outlined are famous in the modern world are widely used by feminists to explain basic factors of gender equality. For instance, she stated that “one is not born a woman, but rather becomes a woman” (Simone, 160). In the current world, the statement is used by most feminists to fight for the girl child by explaining that the way they are raised will determine the kind of women they become. In their argument, the birth of a girl child should be celebrated just like that of a boy child since the way any of the children is raised determines what they become. Rather, women are a socially constructed phenomenon that needs to be appreciated and respected.

Simone also stated that “as group symbols and social types are defined using antonyms in pairs, ambivalence will seem to be an intrinsic quality of the eternal feminine” (Grimwood, 284). In this context, Simone explained that a woman cannot disguise herself, but the man is fully involved in disguising of the woman. She believes that regardless of how the woman was raised as a girl, regardless of the myths she heard and the culture she is bound to keep, it is impossible for her to disguise herself for any reason. Therefore, she stood out and fought for the rights of the women who could not fight for themselves. Relatively, the current world feminists are seen fighting for the women who are still tied to cultures and myths since they believe that is not the will of those women to be in their current position. They, therefore, combine efforts to fight for equality regardless of the community’s view towards their actions. The important truth, just like Simone is that women cannot disguise themselves and they are willing to get freedom from any bondage. Well, most of them have had tremendous results where some women break free from their cultural ties by running from their homes and choosing to get educated.

Simone had a point since if she were not right, women would not reference her, recognize her or even be what she believed them to be. Most feminists are seen arguing from Simone’s point of view that women are constructed. They become and are not made. They cannot disguise themselves. They need to break free from unfair myths and obtain equality. Down the history up to the current world, women are seen recognizing these statements and proving them true as well. While relating a view of women and what the modern feminists believe in, it is clear that her primary arguments in this context are instrumental in causing change sand effects in the modern world. Although women have not obtained perfect results since some of them are still bound under myths and cultures, the results obtained so far by use of Simone’s statements are evident.

Modern Use of Mystical Being Context

Simone believed that the value of a woman is not contained in myths and cultures but rather in the content of her character. She stated that there are various myths that have made woman but regardless of the, her true self cannot be measured by the myths. Who they truly are and what they truly do can be used to differentiate a good and a bad woman and to determine their true self. Well, she believed that a woman is mysterious and should be regarded as so. Not only so, but each person, regardless of their gender is mysterious in their way. It is therefore not possible to generalize women by basing an argument on the myths and cultural practices of the communities. Rather, each person is unique and should be defined in their way through their character. The myths which existed were used to generalize the character of women even before their birth. She believed that this was a wrong treatment to the women since they all deserved a chance to be explained by the content of their character.

Relatively, the feminist in the modern situations uses her context of mysterious being to fight for gender equality. They believe that her context of the uniqueness of each person regardless of their gender is true and should be applied in real life situations. For instance, the statement that people should not be judged by their characters’ contents is opposed to myths and cultures widely used in the current situation to enhance equality. The context that every person is mysterious and should not be judged by myths is popular and used by both genders to fight for equality in various sectors of life. Although her book “the second sex,” was banned after its release during her time, it has currently caused many changes in the gender equality issues. A Mistry of women has not been attributed clearly by myths thus should not be used to describe her at any circumstance. This is a popular belief by Simone who is used by current feminists in their struggle to obtain gender equality. Every person should be defined by their character regardless of their gender.

Woks- Women’s Stereotypes

The old works are fully involved in the different stereotypes of women. According to Simone, the traditional views, as well as the basic stereotypes used to explain a woman or represent her, have become stronger. Therefore, there were difficulties in her attempts to liberate women from shackles that tied them behind. The traditional view, according to her, was that a female being was female due to the virtue of lacking certain qualities. Aristotle stated that the nature of female should be regarded as full of the affliction of the natural defectiveness. Others regarded them as an imperfect being. The issue with these traditional myths and beliefs was that if a woman tried to react against them, they were not treated as feminine. The only choice they had was fitting in into the structural frame of the society that was unfair to them. Although some women used those myths to their advantage, it is clear that it was the men who clearly occupied the privileged positions.

Relatively, some communities still hold myths and believe against women in the modern world. The fight for their rights increases with time, thanks to the feminists. As they fight for equality, women stand against myths that are directed to them to have a good standing in the society. They have fought for equality starting from higher positions such as the government positions which have been granted to them in some countries. However, the ratio of men to women in a leadership position is still too low since the society has never stopped to regard myths against women fully. Despite the government attempt to bring equality of gender in most countries, it is clear that the society still disregards women and holds various myths towards them. Therefore, the fight for gender equality continues through feminist who attempts to eliminate myths held against women. Simone is highly referenced during their attempt to make the world better for women.

Saving the Women

The disregard that the society has towards women is deliberately used to impose laws upon individuals by patriarchal. They hold a belief that true women should accept themselves as inferior in the society. Therefore, most women could accept their fate in the society as being the weaker vessels which the society did not regard. This was a disadvantage to some of them who did not accept this fate since the community thought they were not feminine. Just like Simone, the current society consists of feminists who believe that women are not the lost sex and deserve a chance in leadership positions in various nations. However, one can still hear men regarding women as ‘the lost sex’ since their current positions is different to how it used to be thanks to the feminist like Simone.

People who still hold on to myths believe that women should not be in positions since they are weaker than men. However, today’s feminists have fought against the belief and disregard of women. They use Simone’s points and statements to refer to the basis of their fight. Evidently, some women have refused to be subject to men that hold a notion that they can perform better than men. Most of such feminists are seen attempting to grab jobs and positions which were known to belong to men. This shows the reference the feminist have towards Simone and “the second sex”.

The relationship between men and women is important which make feminist to argue like Simone that equality must be ensured in all sectors of life. This notion is not at work in some communities, but the aggressive campaign for gender equality is continually ensuring most parts of the world are reached. However, there is still a step to make further to ensure equality is fully brought to the society. The subject and object of the notion are important to enhance equality of the gender in the current world. With Simone’s reference, it is clear that gender equality is a battle that has left a long journey until equality is fully maintained.

Philosophical of Posterity

The current activists have their targets since there is a point they would want to achieve to bring gender equality. In temporal terms, the objective is more futuristic since their main aim is to bring gender equality in the current situation as well as in future. The struggle of women cannot be exempted since it is evident from Simone that the struggle started decades ago. The objective that feminists have of securing the women is possible if they continually believe and hold on to the possibility of gender equality in the world. In the similar account of temporality, the history of women’s struggle can be reflected in the same way currently. A legacy for posterity which concerns women can be reflected on Simone’s bequeathal believes on posterity values. They gave her radicle feminist struggle which she finally passed on to the next feminist who came after her. She disregarded the inequalities in marriages and demands for provision which favored the male child as opposed to women.

In the current situations, a similar struggle continues to prevail mostly due to the small number of the feminist in the whole world. Although they increased from time to time, the number is not big enough to influence enough changes in the whole world. Considering the philosophy of posterity as other areas of discourse, basic debates are raised in the current world situations to influence changes in the world gender equality. The moral status of people regarding gender equality should be clearly determined to develop a clear concept of the struggle and issues to stand up for. In her statements and book, Simone raises many issues of concern based on the issues that she encountered as a female as well as her regard to other women in the society.

While Simone’s arguments and projects may be amenable to the paradox of other theorists, the future of other human beings still matters and concerns both men and women. Simone describes liberated women to have enough energy to free other women in the society. The independent project that she was able to complete helped to ensure success in helping other women in the society. In the current world, there are women who prefer to stand alone to see changes taking effect concerning equality. They hold that being independent ensures that their full energy is exploited and in the ultimate, their search for freedom is obtained. Although most communities have regard to this notion, it is clear that feminist try to base their argument on Simone’s project and statements. The possibility of a deplorable human deposition, however, cannot be ignored since the only wat to effect changes is by giving relevance by what they engage to do.

The positive thing about Simone project was that she did not do it for herself or the women generation alone but posterity. She attempted to meet her will for a change of the whole society at large. Her main concern was a status quo regarding patriarchal mistreatments received by women with posterity. Although she wishes that the society at large would meet her lifetime wishes, the best truth was that her project was well appreciated by the women and the society at large. Although future projections were bound to happen in her search for posterity, there were decisions as well as values that she upheld which ensured success. The importance of contingence arguments made by Simone is that they helped her influence a group of women who agree with her argument.

There was no significant choice influenced by policies made by generations which came to prevent posterity since the gender to be affected by them cannot exist anymore. Thus, posterity cannot be identified or harmed by the prevailing policies in the current world. Similarly, policies cannot be completely amenable to individuals’ moral judgment due to the effects that are likely to occur. Parfait holds a paradox that the different species of existing human being can be caused to accumulate the world shortly once traditions, convention, customs and the status quo are implemented to help improve their lives. Relatively, the birth of different species of individuals can lead to non-birth of the current generation since the new generation will work on improving their lives. The simple meaning here is that once the provision of equality of both sexes is achieved in the coming future; there will be an advancement of women just as Simone and other feminist desire. It is only through a normal life that posterity can be able to roll continually. Therefore, a person with previous experience is required to change the status of the human race to better. They should cause benefits to all and not harm.

The changed individuals can only acquire knowledge concerning prior experiences through books. It has been over sixty years since the second sex as well as the struggles it advanced. In the current world, a corroboration of today’s world and the situation which prevailed during her time is almost similar. The difference between the era of her work and the current situations is that, in today’s world, there are more women in employments and leadership position. However, the gap has not been fully covered, and her project is still relevant today to help feminist bring equality in the world.

The paranoid hostility which Gray talked about focuses on the change of situations of women in the world. Simone believed using derogatory phrases which showed disrespect for women was an unfair issue which was carried out by individuals that were inconsiderate. In today’s world, most girls have known to appreciate their growth e.g. when they get first menstruation contrary to decades ago. According to Simone, a girl’s menstruation brought disgust and fear since the society did not regard them. However, this is a step that feminist have successfully influenced in most parts of the world to ensure that the girl child is not neglected by people who should be looking after her.

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