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Leonardo Dicaprio plays a significant role as the lead actor in ‘Catch me if You Can’ and ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ movies. In both movies, Dicaprio brings out robust and unique character through his roles creating a great impact on their performance and reception to the market. Both movies have won several critically acclaimed awards, and Dicaprio nominated severally for his role in the films.  Both movies are similar as they are biographies based on real life stories of personalities. ‘Catch me if You Can’ builds on the life story of Frank Abagnale (Spielberg, Catch me if You Can ) while The Wolf of the Wall Street is a biographical movie based on the life of based on the life of Jordan Belfort whose memoir are adapted into the movie (Collins 16). 
Dicaprio in both films brings out his acting prowess as he not only capture the attention of his audience but brings out the personalities of the people he acts about. Dicaprio has a unique way of making his audience get glued to his acting antics as he brings out the major acting aspects of a character superbly well. Though hugely criticized for overacting in some of the aspects he was expected to bring out, his ability to dramatize the many aspects in both of the movies is vital in ensuring that the movie and the actor get the recognition they duly deserve from the public (Spielberg, Catch me if You Can ).
In the movies, The Wolf of the Wall Street and Catch me if You Can, Dicaprio stands out in his role as the lead actor. Both movies are biographical films whereby Dicaprio is the lead actor and had to take after the biographical narrative of the biographer.
 The brilliance, swiftness and the smooth, convincing language that Dicaprio displays make the movie Catch me if You Can not only interesting but also captures the attention of the viewer. The superb character displayed by Dicaprio illustrates well the brilliance of a high-end con as he engages in different fraud activities (Spielberg, Catch me if You Can ). In the Wolf of the Wall Street, where Dicaprio was the lead actor acting as Jordan Belfort he brings out the character and charisma of Belfort as described in his biography from which the film was adapted (Scorsese, The Wolf of the Wall Street). As (Collins 16) observes, Dicaprio through his actions in the movie brings out the daring and the convincing power of Belfort. Jordan Belfort has a strong personality with an expansive ability to convince people into buying stakes into non-existing companies. Dicaprio takes the role up well as he can not only use words but also utilize body language into convincing people into joining his company and buying stocks from it. When starting out, he brings on board through the sheer power of words acquaintances some of whom were inadequately educated and trained them to become lead stock brokers and traders. The ability to dramatize and bring to live some actions that would have otherwise gone unnoticed ensures that the viewer remains attentive. As the chief executive officer for his company, Belfort in the movie brings out his unique personality by shouting to get attention from his staff while addressing them which is an expected for a person with such an executive position (Scorsese, The Wolf of the Wall Street).
In the film Catch me if You Can, Dicaprio as the lead actor comes out uniquely with a lot of composure in his personality especially when he convinces different sets of people in believing him different times for any profession that seemed to suit him. The ability to pass by any scam he initiates makes Abagnale (Dicaprio) makes all that surround him have a lot of belief in him is quite outstanding and makes the movie significantly interesting. With the different professional identities, he takes, his ability to slide into them and easily adapt is quite awesome as it goes without easy noticing. The intelligentsia prowess displayed by Abagnale (Dicaprio) coupled with his ability to capture the imagination of those around him does not only bring out the sheer ingenuity of the actor in playing his role as he does in the struggle to fit into it while on set but also the passion he does his role (Spielberg, Catch me if You Can).     
In the Wolf of the Wall Street, Dicaprio’s acting capacity is unique and almost overshadows other casts in every scene. He displays the character of Jordan Belfort superbly and comes out firmly in displaying the extravagant and drug addict acts. In the movie, Dicaprio comes out as a drug addict through the use of different narcotics that he emphatically uses each time to remain functional. The ability to casually talk to everyone including his father and staff in dirty language endears him to the audience especially with the easiness with which he does so (Scorsese, The Wolf of the Wall Street). Furthermore, Dicaprio’s ability to bring out the character of different aspects of Belfort’s personality is quite moving. He can act playfully even when the situation does not call for such display which is to the amazement of the viewers. As Collins 16) urges, Dicaprio’s ability to pull out acting stunts that his audience do not expect have been critical in enhancing the uniqueness in his acting power. The Wolf of the Wall Street lead role makes Dicaprio take on a different contradicting role in his character. His moving acting style that is defined by a high sense of fashion and the ability to adapt to different personality makes the movie quite unique. 
The two movies, catch me when you can, and the Wolf of the wall street were highly acclaimed movies that were well received upon their release. Both recorded high sales and were largely popular as a result of the super acting role displayed by Dicaprio. The two films being biographical movies that were adapted from the real life experiences called for a personality that would easily adapt to the life of those being acted upon, the role Dicaprio plays extremely well. Dicaprio’s acting roles in the two movies have been recognized through the different awards and nominations given to the movie and the actor in particular. Catch me when you can movie, was successful and highly rated due to the brilliant performance by Dicaprio. The film went ahead to win awards in different categories and even had a nomination to the Oscars. Dicaprio’s role as the lead actor was also recognized as he won and was nominated for several awards in the best lead actor and male performance category (Eaton, review of Catch me if You Can). Furthermore, she observes the film was not only a financial success but also a had great reviews and rating among the film goers.
On the other hand, the Wolf of the Wall Street also a biopic, Dicaprio displays his great performances that were noticed and critically acclaimed. According to Collins (16), the Wolf of the Wall Street movie though a blockbuster it had fewer nomination and award, but Dicaprio as its lead actor got more nominations and awards and nomination. He outstandingly played the role of Jordan Belfort to the acclimation of many critics and fans. Dicaprio is able to bring out the different themes of greed and social decay that the American society has been heavily engaged in especially the greed for money and drug abuse as envisioned by the movie script through the acting. According to Collins (16)  Dicaprio overplays some depictions of Belfort to the extreme making some scenes unreal and hence misguiding the viewers from understanding how Jordan Belfort operated. He urges that in the movie, it seems as if Belfort (Dicaprio) indulgence in drugs was the core reason for his fraud yet it avoids to emphasize on the role of his ever growing and unable greed for money that moves him to con many through his stock broking firm.  
Dicaprio performed better off in his role as Frank Abagnale Jr in the movie Catch me if you can. In the movie, he comes out strongly as a young Abagnale, whereby his youthful appearance does favor to the whole movie. Furthermore, his style in the 2002 movie was not only highly received, but Dicaprio role was appreciated through the different awards he was nominated for and went ahead to win some. He won the MTV award for the best male actor for his role. Furthermore, the movie is more engaging than the Wolf of the Wall Street.

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