The Use of Discussion as a Learning Tool

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Discussion is a very useful tool for learning because it helps students to share their thoughts with each other. This has helped many students to make advances in their studies. However, since some students prefer visual learning, the question as to whether it benefits students equally has been posed. Both visual and conversation modes of learning are offered by most schools. Tutors advise students to explore all leaning styles and choose the one that suits them. Most learners prefer conversation to visual leaning when asked (Leone, 2013). However, they stated that visual learning is important as well. Also, they claimed that discussion reinforces what is taught visually and they content that is discussed is easy to grasp.
Discussion is not detrimental at all to those who prefer visual learning. Most students who prefer visual learning are usually shy and are unable to share their opinion. Discussion helps build courage and self-worth among students. Thus, when exposed to discussion, the shy students may be able to build up self-confidence and thus enable them socialize easily. Instructors need to encourage students to partake in discussions as it builds students rather than destroy them. Visual learning limits students to specific ideas which may not be accurate (Hattie, 2012). The whole essence of discussion is to share ideas and determine which ones are best suited to the context at hand.
As much as visual learning is common, teachers need to encourage their students to form discussion groups. These groups will not only help them share ideas, but also socialize as well. By using discussion as a learning tool, students will discover new concepts they might not have been familiar with. Teachers also need not to force students into a specific mode to learning. By having exposure to both modes of learning, a student will be able to select that which suits them best. Although discussion seems better to visual learning, there are students who work best with visual learning.

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July 24, 2021

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