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Teaching is one of the many tough occupations that comes with its own collection of frustrations. The benefits of teaching, on the other hand, are numerous. Being a lifelong learner and feeling the pleasure of making a difference are two of the many advantages of teaching. Veteran teachers' primary function is to tutor new teachers and ensure that they have a smooth transition into the classroom.
Details on the context
Ms. Robinson, a veteran trainer, was the one who was interviewed. She has 50 years of teaching experience, 25 of which she spent in Jamaica and the other 25 in the United States. Ms. Robinson holds a teaching degree from Short Wood Teachers College as well as a diploma in education which she got from Micro Teachers College in Jamaica. Additionally, the teacher has Bachelors in education as well as a master's in education from Nova University in the United States. Some of the grade levels that Ms. Robinson taught include Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grade.
Important insights from the interview
One of the major things I learned from the interview is that a teacher can tell whether or not students are learning through asking them questions as well as giving them quizzes related to what was taught in class. If students can answer the questions, then learning can be said to have occurred. Secondly, I was able to learn that involving parents when solving different problems affecting the students was very important. This is mainly because it helps the parent to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their children. This means that the parents will be in a position to help their children when it comes to their weakest areas and they will also participate in improving their strengths in social, academics well as educational sectors.
Additionally, I was in a position to understand that teachers can use different strategies to achieve the desired educational results. Some of the strategies include observations that can be done during group works where students share what they have learned. Another strategy is questioning which provides feedback to the teacher on whether the students have understood what was being taught.
Moreover, I was able to understand that teachers can use class rules to develop self-discipline in students. In most cases, students are taught the class rules and regulation at the beginning of the year, and they explain what the students can and cannot do as well as the consequences when one breaks the rules. I was also able to learn that an ideal teacher is one who is concerned about the student affairs as well as their educational development. An ideal teacher is also kind and always thinks positively about every student. Another important thing that I learned from the interview is that teachers should always try to understand the capabilities of each student, their background as well as their different cultures.
In conclusion, it came out clear from the interview that for one to be an effective teacher, there is a need to be patient. Additionally, teachers need to be firm on the decisions they make and should always stick to the class rules and regulation because they are as important as any other educational procedure. Moreover, it was evident that teachers should prepare beforehand and should always ensure that the materials required for learning are ready before the beginning of every lesson.

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