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Writing in business necessitates an awareness of the five effective writing skills in order to ensure that the message is successfully conveyed to the viewer. As a journalist, my first move has been to perform a market audience survey. Since the vocabulary used by younger people varies from that used by older people, the interpretation provides me with a foundation on the language to use. Adequate audience research is important for satisfying the needs of the different individuals that have been integrated.

To ensure that material flows seamlessly, I schedule the writing ahead of time by taking notes and prioritizing what comes first. Depending on the depth of the writing, I sometimes do a draft or use the notes taken to do the final writing. The format in business writing is critical to me as it highlights the professionalism of the work presented. I try to proofread my work, and though it has always been a challenging step, it is a key to ensure minor mistakes are not left within my job. I always try to look through my work to make adjustments to outstanding errors.

Procrastination has always been a main challenge for me since I find myself working better close to the deadline when there is a lot of pressure. To overcome this, I plan and divide my work into small portions and assign personal time limits. I work to meet my deadlines, and the final paper is accomplished promptly. Impatience comes in when I have to proofread my work. I, therefore, have someone else to assist me with reading through as they are in a better place to note errors; I may miss out some mistakes because there is a tendency to believe that personal work is perfect. Perfectionism is a trait that affects me in instances where I want to impress the crowd and since I am afraid of making mistakes that may jeopardize my writing. I tend to overthink my work as I try to put myself in place of my audience and imagine how they would interpret the message. It results in back and forth in my work thus wasting a lot of time. To avoid this, I take the time to understand the audience and read work done by other authors. Consequently, I get familiar with the expectations of my audience and can adequately deliver the message.

October 13, 2022

Work Communication

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Skills Understanding Audience

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