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Dr. Answorth A. Allen is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sporting injuries to the elbow, knee, and shoulder. He is currently an assistant professor of clinical orthopedic surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, as well as a physician and medical officer at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He has extensive expertise in orthopedics as a result of the experience he has gained since beginning work in 2005. Allen has served as Head Team Physician for a variety of sports organizations, including the NBA Players Association, the Long Rough Riders soccer team, the New York Mets, and the West Indies Cricket Board of Control, among others. He discusses his past experiences in college and the chemistry of the bone in the analyzed conversation.

The conversation gives a brief description of his life and past experiences He was born in 1960. He lived in their home until the age of sixteen, and then he moved to New York to study his undergraduate degree. He was enrolled at Queens College where he majored in Chemistry/Biochemistry which he had a passion for. He practiced at Harvard University in Cambridge in the summer of 1982, between June and August. Dr.Answorth then proceeded to Cornell University Medical College for his graduate studies. He completed the studies in 1988 and has been practicing for twenty-nine years now. He has now specialized in sports surgery after getting the five years training at Cornell University Medical College. Dr.Answorth also talks about his numerous awards where he mentions that persistence is the key to success.

Dr. Allen insisted that succeeding in becoming a doctor was a dream to come true in his life. He pointed out that with passion and hard work it was possible to achieve one_x0092_s objectives in life. Since the becoming a doctor is also challenging, he mentions perseverance and having mentorship support as some of the ways to overcome. For instance, the doctor described how he worked throughout summer with an experienced sports surgeon. It was then that he developed interest in orthopedics, specifically being a sports doctor. He told the students to respect the individuals who help them achieve their goals in life. The doctor told the students that they have to understand the path to their career choice. They need to identify the subjects they need to gain admitted to the course of their choice. Students should then work towards becoming what they love in life.

As a student, the doctor said that he gained valuable lessons from Queens College. He mentioned that the diverse student population offers an opportunity to learn from people from different backgrounds. He advised the students to respect others in the college and seek advice from the faculty because they have to gain new experience. The doctor pointed out that college is a nice place for students to grow. Dr. Allen explained that students should aim to invest in knowledge while still in their 20s. They should acquire skills that would help them advance in their careers because the job market is competitive. The doctor said he had to sacrifice much in his early life so that he could achieve his dreams.

As a surgeon, Dr Allen describes his work as challenging but quite fulfilling. He enjoys helping people to recover from their injuries or ailments every day. He pointed out that he has to prepare well before going for any operation or surgery. The fact that dealing with human lives is delicate requires utmost seriousness. In the medical field teamwork is a key to success. The doctor said that they have to operate as teams to ensure the patients get the best services. He communicates with the patients humbly and ensures that he is always honest with them about their condition.

In conclusion, the doctor also mentioned that it is good to have support from the family. He is glad because he has a wife that supports his demanding career. Having work-life balance is important in life but in medical profession the work is sometimes quite demanding. In summary, the doctor is glad that he lives his dream every day. He is not motivated by the money but the work he does to help people. Consequently, he advised students to pursue their passion so that they might have successful careers. From an early age, they should identify what they love and work hard towards realizing their aspirations. College is a nice place to explore and learn from colleagues and the faculty.

December 15, 2022

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