Why Students and Schools Fail

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When considering how an instructor can include students in class events, it is important to consider the scope of how the task will be portrayed. For eg, will the task be portrayed in a way that piques the students' interest? Will it help them think more clearly, or will it stress them out? Students must be cognitively involved in all tasks that their instructors delegate to them during class time. Students usually have that emotional or behavioral effect during learning, if they do no exert the necessary thinking effort, then for sure, they will not master any skill or craft that is promoted by the activity.

In light of this context, it considers one key factor that will promote the engagement of students in learning activities. This factor will, in turn, promote their critical and creative thinking capabilities. The factor that will promote the engagement of students in class is the teacher-student relationship. I chose the teacher-student relationship because they are the main cores in the school. If a teacher behaves in the right manner with the students, then what we expect at the end of the learning are competent students. These students will be ready to master their abilities with relation to the implementation tools that promote their cognitive abilities. This will lead me to come up with a thesis statement that states that a teacher’s attitude is the determinant to the academic development of students.

Understanding Teachers

When we have the best teachers in a school, I bet they will work all day to ensure that their students maximize their potential. Usually, these teachers understand each concept that their students are undergoing through unlocking their inner potential within students. Their relationship with students usually starts on the day they step in schools. When the trust between students and teachers is not built, then it will become challenging to the parties. All the school will have will be a lower number of students’ attendance. The relationship between teachers and students should be positive to foster excellence in the students’ potential.

Passion and Enthusiasm

Teaching with passion and enthusiasm by teachers actually, fosters a positive response by the students. Teachers who lack interest in schools are also not interested in their students. They will be the key factor that will make the students be degraded. It is true when people become excited, the levels can be contagious! An introduction to new topics in the classroom usually makes the students excited, this translates to the students wanting to know more. Liveliness will actually exist in the classroom when you are passionate about what you are going to teach the students. If the teacher him/herself is not excited, why should you expect exuberance to exist in the classroom?

Positive Attitude

People are always involved in personal trials but this should not interfere with the daily abilities. If a teacher is emotional and has a negated behavior all the time, then the school should not expect much from the students. If the teacher is positive, then what we will expect are students with the same attitude. In addition, they will consult their teachers without fear. This, in turn, will boost their capabilities. As a fact, nobody will prefer to be around an individual or people that are always negative. If a school employs teachers with the right attitude, then what we will expect is a total engagement of students.


The process of learning should not be boring. In fact, we all love to laugh. The learning and teaching process should be incorporated with humor in relation to the content being taught. If a teacher is boring, what will be expected is absenteeism and more students dozing off.

For schools and students to prevent failing, they should employ professional tutors who not only get the syllabus content to the students head. The teachers should instead encourage the students in all aspects of learning which in turn will help them in the future.

October 13, 2022

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