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An Impartial Education

An impartial education has many different aspects. Teachers must exhibit professionalism, patience, and courtesy. They bear a heavy burden since the ways they instruct children practically shape their psyches, and any word that is misused or denigrated can really harm a child. Three definitions will be chosen, examined, and examples of how to use these methodologies in the field of education will be provided in this essay. Ethnic group, prejudice, and discrimination are the three concepts.

An Ethnic Group

An ethnic group is the first problem. People from different ethnic backgrounds coexist peacefully in communities free of prejudice. This is a group of people with a common ethnic identity that shares a common name and elements of culture and is in fundamental relations with other communities. Ethnic groups can be united by history and tradition, language, geography, sociological definition of race, religion and so forth (Barth, 1969). For the existence of any ethnic group, the shared myth of common origin and common historical memory, as well as association with a certain territory, are important. Migrations and contacts with other cultures, political and natural factors had a strong impact on the formation of the ethnic group. This is a stable community of people that was formed on a certain territory and has its own distinctive characteristics. The main features of this phenomenon are kinship by blood and marriage, a common history of origin and development, a territorial feature, that is, a link to a specific locality, a common language; their cultural characteristics, as well as traditions.

Ethnic Self-Awareness

An important indicator of the level of the formation of a social ethnic group, in particular a nation, is ethnic self-awareness. This term is one of the main in the psychology of the groups we are considering. Ethnic self-awareness is a sense of belonging of a particular individual to a particular ethnic group, ethnic group, or nation. At the same time one should realize his or her unity with this community and understand the qualitative differences from other ethnic groups and groups. For formation of ethnic self-awareness, it is very important to study the history of its people, as well as cultural features, folklore and traditions, which are passed on from generation to generation, and a thorough knowledge of their language and literature.


Prejudice is the presence of bias without the ability to verify and correct them. It is an erroneous knowledge, often based on the opinion of false authorities. The nature of prejudice is not the fullness of information and its distortion, based on pride. All other incoming information is adjusted to these prejudices or simply ignored. The problem of prejudice is that a person is not able to perceive objective information, any new information and, thus, he loses the ability to learn, and therefore to develop, change and grow. The absence of mechanisms of change preserves errors and aggravates problems.

This is a way of psychological reaction that manifests itself in a deliberately negative attitude towards something or someone. It implies confidence in the negative result or in the negative qualities of a person, regardless of the circumstances. Such an opinion, as a rule, is formed in advance, based on false principles, attitudes and insufficiently verified information. Bias generates stereotypes, and at the origins lays the inertia of thinking.


Discrimination is deprivation or restriction of the rights of a particular category of citizens on the basis of race, nationality, gender, political and religious beliefs, and the like. Racial discrimination is the restriction of rights and freedoms, as well as the persecution of individuals motivated by their race (Derman-Sparks and Edwards, 2010). It is also the acceptance for a particular country, its institutions or citizens of lesser rights and freedoms than for another country, its institutions or citizens. There is discrimination in the fact that representatives of a nationality for one reason or another have a worse attitude towards themselves from other people due to national or ethnic origin.

Abuse of Minors in School

Abuse of minors in school is, in fact, abuse of one’s power in the workplace. This is, first of all, a violation of the teachers’ code of ethics and the rights of the child (Camicia, 2007). In such situations, there are other important aspects that need to be taken into account, such as religious motives or beliefs that are different from the generally accepted ones or beliefs that are explicitly supported by the state or by a religious majority. This is often supplemented by the fact that the victim is a woman or that the victim is from a vulnerable family. Inactivity, the state becomes an accomplice in intolerance. In the countries where people understood and realized the need to observe the law, the situation changed for the better. I am referring to positive examples of the Scandinavian countries, where children are treated with respect, and there is no place for aggression in schools.


Summing it up, it can be concluded that provision of education without prejudice is, unfortunately, a rare phenomenon. However, it is quite possible and, first of all, it can be achieved through the professionalism of teachers, and also through the correct tolerant upbringing of children.


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April 06, 2023


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