A Juvenile Case Study

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The diagnosis that might be made on Marquese's behavior is that his response could be as a result of child neglect and abuse, which has the DSM-5 code T74.02XA (Kaplan, 2014). Marquese's mother set a poor example by not caring about his psychological or physical development.

Diagnosis in Marquese's situation could potentially indicate that his illness is the result of Borderline Personality Disorder, which has the DSM-5 code F60.3. Marquese's actions could be explained by his fear of being alone. This may be the reason he commits these crimes after being discharged from rehabilitation.  Marquese’s behaviors could also be stipulated to be as a result of adjustment disorder. This diagnosis could also be accompanied by depressed mood. Its code is F43.21. This is seen in the manner in which Marquese is unable to control or conduct problems. His actions depict that he does not have much interest in his future. For instance, he keeps committing crimes after rehabilitation over and over with no end to his deeds.

From a thorough study of Marquese’s history, he could also be experiencing unspecified schizophrenia spectrum associated with psychotic disorders whose DSM-5 number is F29. This is because the boy withdraws himself from the society and lacks the right motivation. He could also be experiencing psychotic symptoms such as depression (Porter, 2014). He also encounters mood episodes which occur when he is not under supervision that is after rehabilitation, thus he commits crimes after being paroled.

Lastly, Marquese could be suffering from depressive disorders that could be as a result of a medical condition such as bipolar disorder whereby he experiences mood, as well as energy changes, DSM number F06.34("Depressive Disorder Due to Another Medical Condition DSM-5 293.83 (ICD-10-CM Multiple Codes) - Therapedia," 2014) . This situation could also be associated with mixed features such as the presence or absence of mania and hypomania. These could be leading the boy to commit crimes that he is not well aware of.


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April 19, 2023

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