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One of the changes that can be implemented is the liberalization of the educational system. Since experience is typically passed from the teacher to the pupil, the educational structure must be liberated. Students must be given the opportunity to develop their educational process by adhering to the predetermined curriculum structure. Adhering to a predetermined program aids in the development of students' talents in a variety of dimensions and ensures that what students learn is retained in their minds.

Schools must now embrace bureaucratic interdependence as a means of improving their educational programs. Adoption of bureaucratic interdependence is vital in ensuring that the learners have a grip on the ideas and knowledge that can help them face the real life challenges in the modern world (Freire, 2010). The school curriculum also has to be designed in such a way that students will be given an opportunity to study those subjects that they are good at or have their careers moulded from the lowest educational level. In so doing, this helps in ensuring that the students have a clear picture of their career choice as they move from one educational level to the other.

Role as a potential educator

As a potential educator, there are various measures that I can put in place to ensure that the above reforms are implemented and are applicable. One of the measures is engaging the stakeholders from the educational systems and reforms and explaining to them the benefits that will come along with the educational reforms. In so doing, I will help in ensuring that I bring to the attention of the stakeholders the need for reforms. I will also be on the frontline in explaining to the students about my reforms and how they can be of help to them. Another measure that can be put in place in ensuring that the reforms are implemented is advocating for the replacement of the current curriculum. The current curriculum, in most countries across the globe is job-oriented. I will push for the implementation of a curriculum that helps in the enhancement of an individual’s skills and talents rather than pushing him or her to career path that is not of his interest or liking.

Reforms in a social context

The community has always been on the frontline in advocating for education for both the male and female gender. The society’s push for education will serve as a stepping stone for my quest for the educational support. I will look for educational elites from the society who will help me in the implementation of my curriculum restructuring processes as well as educational reforms. According to Mark, the first step in ensuring that the learners increase their educational process is by ensuring that the education undergoes a restructuring process (Husserl, 2012). The restructuring process is designated towards ensuring that students acquire basic skills and knowledge while the teachers sharpen their teaching skills. A society that supports education will always be ready to accept educational reforms.


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