American Values in Hollywood

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According to study...

According to study, films are empirically proved to appeal to viewers' emotions, which ultimately have affects on their values and characters as a result of building emotions among the viewers who are interested in watching the films. As they define their values and characters, Hollywood films have a huge impact on the moral values and characters of the people of America.

Some of the American ideals portrayed in Hollywood films

Some of the American ideals portrayed in Hollywood films include narcissism, hypocrisy, excessive drug use, and extramarital sex, which leads to the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses. Some films are concerned about decadence and public obscenity. I would, therefore, say that the American values and characters portrayed in Hollywood films promote negative influence on the lives of Americans. Even though the Hollywood films may encourage the adoption of new values and characters, the negative values and characters associated with them outweigh the positive values.

Yes, in the list...

Yes, in the list, the film A Dog's Purpose seems to be eye candy to me because it could have resulted in many people adopting dogs from shelters for the purpose of feeling the same love that the dog owners feel were it not boycotted. It expresses a dog's love for the humans. The movie portrays different ways in which dogs can be treated. The human's love for a dog is built in the film, and the movie depicts how a dog is a best and true friend to man.

The film Split in the list is a junk food to me

The film Split in the list is a junk food to me because there are a lot of twists to be followed since Shyamalan has succeeded in getting his groove back after a swing of progressively terrible misfires. I feel so because the twists that the film takes is just amazing and full of fun. The approximate ratio of watching artistic to Hollywood types of films is 1:1. Therefore, I would recommend the class to watch Moonlight IMDb: 8.7, 2016.

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June 12, 2023

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