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I agree with the assertion in Chapter Ten of the Teacher that, except from the comparison list, which provides no insight into student growth, there is no fresh information regarding the engagement of the Nintendo generation. To help teachers and students properly grasp the assessment, the author should concentrate on providing more details about the teacher's aim as well as the responses to the specified questions (Kramer, & Dubose, 2017). Because the author does not provide clear clarifications and instructions for the analogy, it cannot help the instructor or student on its own. Instead, it should provide a detailed assessment for both the students and the teachers to interact and understand the strategic themes of learning.

The author should ensure that the evaluation has a set of objectives which are followed to achieve a set goal in the education of the student as well as the teacher's guide that is well elaborated with answers. Also, the assessment should either be directed to the teachers or to the students to ensure that all the content involved is covered by following the objectives and therefore there can be criteria for measuring the understanding as well as the improvement of the students (Kramer, & Dubose, 2017).

On the other hand, the author has used the questions that when answered can give a direction on the assessment but are not thorough. (Kramer, & Dubose, 2017) According to the author by reaching the target, it means that the student has excelled, but in most cases, it may be wrong because a student may excel by use of rubrics, but it may be difficult when it comes to the application of the knowledge to the different disciplines.

The three questions to measure the student's accomplishment can be used to assess as follows: where am I going?

The students answer the question depending on the lesson and their target at the moment, also with the teacher's guidance to ensure that they give the right target. The results are recorded In the student's reports where they are accessible at any given time by both the students and the teachers. Once the student identifies their target, I encourage them to work towards the set goals to make sure they reach the target (Kramer, & Dubose, 2017). After that I then involve the whole classroom whereby the students are supposed to discuss their objectives with the fellow students.

Where am I?

The teacher ensures that every student is in a position to give a clear explanation regarding the level of accomplishment as compared with the others. With the help of the rubrics and the involvement of the student In class, the teacher assesses the current situation of the students and guide them through the knowledge of the different levels (Sadler,2016). In this case, the student understands their level of ability in the class in comparison to the other classmates.

How can I close the gap?

The student works towards the set goals, and in doing so, the difference between where they are now and what they want to achieve must be closed (Sadler,2016). Therefore the teacher guides the student by looking at their weaknesses and strengths and then taking them through to achieve the set goals. To realize effective assessment I assist the students to monitor their progress in bridging the gap and there after I supervise the student as they discuss what they have learnt with the classmates.


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