Assessment of My Development as a Literate Person Through Experiences

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Gaining Academic Literacy

Gaining academic literacy is a process which usually starts when one is integrated into the education system. Through the learning experiences, an individual’s literacy skills and strengths develop. Although some literacy skills are not recognizable, they are vital in forming a foundation for excellent academic literacy. In this paper, I provide an assessment of my development as a literate person through experiences and explains the things I need to work on in the course.

Fluency, Reading Comprehension, and Summarization Skills

Through the experiences encountered in the education system, I have gained fluency, reading comprehension, and summarization skills. These three skills are the important literacy skills that I possess. Over the years, I have developed the ability to read texts fluently making few mistakes, which is rarely. This fluency in reading written documents makes me a fast reader. I also do not read words aloud. This literacy strength has been learned mostly in schools where the teachers require students to do their studies silently especially in the libraries. The need to read silently and fast has made me a fluent reader. Reading comprehension is another literacy skill that I have. This skill enables me to understand any text that I read and follow the instructions if any are given. I have gained this skill from the school experiences. During the examinations, a student is required to read and quickly understand the requirements of the questions and provide accurate answers. I realized that developing the ability to read and understand is vital for the proper following of instructions.

Proper Summarization of Texts

The other literacy strength that I have acquired is a proper summarization of texts. This influences my understanding of the materials that I read. Whenever I read a story, I can provide a good and accurate summary of the key ideas. This skill has been developed through restating of the key concepts that the written text provides. As a writer, these literacy strengths would be of great importance. Firstly, a writer needs to be a good reader. With fluency and comprehension in reading, I would be able to source ideas that would make up my pieces of writings. Also, the summarization skills would help me in determining the key ideas in a text. This would be essential while researching a topic. It helps in gathering the necessary information to include in my writing.

Improving Vocabulary

As a writer, I need to improve my vocabulary. I have a limited range of vocabulary. This inability to use words that have a more profound meaning and that would be more appropriate let me down while retelling a story or summarizing a piece of information. To be an excellent writer, I need to improve my range of vocabulary and usage of words. This will enable me to write engaging content with proper utilization of words. A text where vocabularies are well utilized becomes clear, readable, and easy to understand. However, improving this literacy skill would make me use a complicated language while writing. The use of many vocabularies in a piece of writing may make it difficult to read and understand. My concern is that if my vocabulary range increases, I may get accustomed to writing using many difficult words without my knowledge. This would affect the quality of my writing. To make sure that this does not happen, I intend to use the difficult words sparingly. I would try as much as possible to use simple, clear, and understandable words. The complex ideas that call for vocabularies would be broken down and simplified.

Motivation to Improve Literacy Skills

The dream of being a good writer and the passion for writing acts as my motivation to improve my literacy skills. I aim at excelling in writing and becoming a professional writer. To achieve this goal, I know I have to develop my literacy skills. I need to write flawless documents that are interesting and informative to the readers. The passion for writing probes me to explore the ways that can help me improve as a writer. Therefore, I keep on perfecting my skills to achieve my objectives. As I pursue my education, these key motivating factors will play a huge role. They keep me interested in learning how to write. Since I would like to be a great author, I will keep on learning to achieve my goal. When I graduate and join a professional group, I would like to write books and become a best-selling author. I love reading books especially the motivational books which provides insights into the life experiences. Since I enjoy reading such books, I would also appreciate this type of writing.


In this paper, I have provided an assessment of the experiences that have influenced my development as a writer. Through the school system, I have gained fluency, reading comprehension, and summarization skills, which are my key literate strengths. As a writer, these skills are essential as they have an impact on my writing career as an author of inspirational books. The areas I would like to improve on is the utilization of vocabularies.

September 11, 2023

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