“Avoid Short Sessions”

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According to Tim Tebow's article "Stop Brief Courses," Glendale College will not give a 2018 Winter Session. The author explains how, while many students will dislike the proposal, it tends to have a positive impact in the future because students do more in long sessions than in short sessions. He advises students to still recognize the need for short courses because they do well in them. Students should therefore take classes in the short sessions so that they get an added advantage because of the more skills they have, study with minimal distractions and so that it benefits those who have low attention-spans and are usually unable to focus on studies during the long class time.

By taking short sessions, students are able to develop their resumes significantly because they study for a given additional course within a short time while the others spend the time pursuing their long-term courses. Thus, one can get training on another skill and will thus be in a better chance to secure lucrative opportunities compared to their counterparts who have little to offer when asked regarding their extra training skills. It is particularly appropriate for learners seeking to get higher benefits to their counterparts when in the hunt for consideration to be employed.

Another benefit for short courses is that not only do short sessions give students an advantage on their CV but it also provides them with fewer distractions compared to the long sessions. Short sessions usually give students more interactions during class discussions and more personal contact with the professor as there is more in the coursework to be covered within a short period. Through the such personal associations with the professor, students get fewer distractions, focus more on their studies, and are able to get higher grades. While undertaking my program during the winter session, I managed to concentrate more on my studies than when I was taking the fall semester since my class is smaller than before and it was more quiet. Hence, it was more benefiting because I managed to focus on my studies as there was ample time for study.

It is thus critical to affirm that by taking short sessions, students have varied benefits compared to the long sessions. Two primary implications are the advantages on the added skills on one’s resume when seeking employment and fewer distractions compared to the long-term courses. Conclusively, students should consider the advantages of short courses but exercise flexibility when circumstances make it more preferable to pursue the long-term programs.

October 25, 2022

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