Campus Life Resources

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Student Organizations

This link has information on social growth. It highlights the fraternities and sororities that the students can join while residing on campus, leadership programs and future associations once they are out of school. From this link, a student can effectively plan their leisure activities for the weekends and school breaks. It also helps them create networks that will be useful once they join the marketplace through alumni associations. The leadership programs will build the leadership skills of an individual.

Campus Life and Student Services

This resource contains the support services offered, where and when they can be accessed. The aim of this link is to make students’ life comfortable and calm. It services that ensure the psychological, mental and physical needs of the student are met such as health services, counselling services and residential services. It is fundamental for the student to have a sense of tranquility for them to achieve the academic milestones they have set for themselves.

Majors and Minors

This link offers academic information. It contains the undergraduate, graduate and online courses and student support programs. It is especially resourceful when a potential student requires to know the courses offered and the fee for each program when filling out college applications. A student will effectively make a decision guided by this resource on the program to choose and the financial options available to successfully complete the program. Students are guided on the combinations they can take to ensure they graduate with strong academic qualifications for the competitive marketplace. It allows students to choose classes they can take online and those they can take on campus and other sideline courses they can take while still excelling in their major programs.

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