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The average satisfaction rates are used in the study of operant conditioning for reducing cigarette smoking. The ratings are based on a scale of ten. As a result, the acceptable rating will range from 0 to 10, depending on the respondent's level of satisfaction with rehabilitation and punishment. The volunteers (smokers) were 16 years old. The study design can address the following questions: what are the effects of reinforcement? And what are the consequences of punishment? The study will aid in understanding the essence of the finest operant conditioning after answering two questions. The hypothesis is that the impact of the measures employed to minimize cigarette smoking determines cigarette smoker satisfaction.  The results can be filled in the table above to show the satisfaction level regarding the mode of reducing cigarette smoking. The possible responses from respondents are only limited to rehabilitation or punishment thus the expected results from the results is satisfaction perspective on both Rehabilitation and punishment. Rehabilitation and punishment approaches have impacts on the behaviors of the smokers and quantity of the cigarettes smoked.

Using reinforcement technique to reduce the cigarette smoked likely satisfies most respondents because through rehabilitation there are no maximum forces applied to make the cigarette smokers reduce smoking. The average satisfaction rate for rehabilitation as a method for reducing cigarette smoking is likely to be high because most respondents are willing to quit or reduce smoking at their pleasure or through recommended procedures as per the rehabilitation steps. In the rehabilitation centers, substance abuse victims are taken through processes that can help the cigarette smokers quit smoking swiftly. Positive and negative reinforcement are the major types of reinforcement helping in solving a problem such as reducing cigarette smoking in the society.

The positive reinforcement uses techniques such as appreciating the little effort applied by the cigarette smokers towards the reduction of a number of cigarettes per given period. Showing some appreciation to the addicts whenever they respond positively to the rehabilitation process can easily lead to a gradual reduction of cigarette smoking. An example of positive reinforcement is awarding the addict because he/she has adhered to the rehabilitation processes and policies. Therefore, through positive reinforcement behaviors of the cigarette smokers will improve and the rehabilitation experts will keep on praising those who respond positively and eventually in future most cigarette smokers will seek assistance from rehabilitations centers thus reducing the number of cigarettes smoked.

The negative reinforcement is another operant conditioning method essential for reducing cigarette smoking. Negative reinforcement is suitable for criticizing the cigarette smoking in the community. The legal authorities can use punishments to discourage cigarette smoking either direct or indirect. Direct method can be achieved through arresting and prosecution of the cigarette smokers thus scaring off the potential and the existing cigarette smokers in the community. Indirect punishment is always done through increasing tax on cigarette brands that leads to high prices on cigarette brands. Illegalization of cigarette smoking and imprisonment of the cigarette smokers can scare off the cigarette smokers because it is the strictest action. Imposing high taxes on cigarette brands is discouraging, but most addicts will still struggle to acquire some few cigarettes as compared to the period when normal taxes are applied. Regardless of the burden, punishment can reduce the cigarette smoking in the community thus changing the behaviors of the cigarette smokers.

Both rehabilitation and punishment are important operant conditioning approaches regardless of the response from the smokers. The ultimate results of both techniques are the positive change on behaviors of the smokers leading to a reduction of the cigarette smoking in the community. Conventional knowledge regarding the impacts of cigarette smoking has low impacts especially for the addicts; hence using operant conditioning such as rehabilitation and punishment is helpful. Therefore, in the study, it is ideal to consider testing the mere opinions because it is important to understand the key operant conditioning as far as the ultimate results of the study are concerned. The population sample is quite small though it is reasonable because the study results will be based on the average satisfaction rates results. Most people in the society prefer a gradual reduction of cigarette smoking than the application of strict measures such as punishment though both techniques lead to decrease in a number of cigarettes smoked in the society or community.

In conclusion, the study focuses on operant conditioning techniques that are necessary for reducing the number of cigarettes smoked. Rehabilitation and punishment are the reinforcement approaches that can be tested by in the study and the results regarding satisfaction can be used to identify the best reinforcement technique preferred by the respondents. The results are likely to be realistic considering the respondents’ population and average satisfaction rate for both rehabilitation and punishment. Typically, the most preferred operant conditioning is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is positive reinforcement. Thus it gives morale instead of critics; hence encourages the reduction of cigarette smoking in a positive manner.

April 19, 2023

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