Commitment and Devotion

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I assume that by committing to and dedicating myself to my education, I will be successful. Education aids in shaping and revealing a person's true personality. I often believe that schooling can help a person choose how to deal with more difficult situations later in life. Education does not begin with going to school and listening to the teachers, professors, and instructors; it begins with birth. Anything that happens to me is what I deem schooling because I learned from my immediate surroundings in every way. I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if everyone knew and appreciated their education; the odds of achieving a prosperous future would be very high. I believe that when a person tries their best to earn and learn from their education from when it starts then it would benefit them in the course of their life’s journey. Being devoted and committed to education, makes me try harder to accomplish other responsibilities in my life.

I came to realize and understand the importance of education when I joined high school. I immediately realized for me to have a better future I had to learn more. Before entering college, I attended school because it was the right thing to do, however, after joining college I figured out what I wanted to do with my life in future. It is then that I realized that I had to dedicate myself to my education to live my dreams. It is at that point when I figured out what I wanted to do with my life that began seeing the benefits and importance of education. The results were incredible; I consider it as a total transformation because since then I shifted from being an average student to an excelling student. I believe that when one tries hard and becomes dedicated to their school life, education, they will be able to do the same with their job and career. I believe that education teaches me to be patient and adventurous. These two traits will help in future when I face a problem since I will be prepared and look for the possible ways to address the challenge.

The reason why I believe so much in the power of education is based on the many successful people that I have come across in my life. With education I believe one can solve and address any challenging situation that comes their way. I believe that through education I get a chance to meet new people that have different opinions and ideas about life and by interacting with them, I get tips of how to better my life. I believe that education is what keeps people staying out of trouble and helps them do what is right and adhere to the enacted policies and laws in their location. Once you can acquire education no one can steal or grab it from you, it is something that will always remain with you for the rest of your life. I consider it as investing in oneself. Therefore, I believe it is a wise choice for one to get as much as one can.

I consider getting education and knowledge as a significant factor in my life. Currently am in college receiving education what I believe and consider as a gift. For my case, my current education journey is to help me meet my lifetime goals. I consider my education life as a partner that will accompany me till the end of my journey of success. I am not alone in need to obtain an education, but I believe that with resilient, determination and support family and friends, I will succeed. I believe that education would model me into being a person that the society can trust and respect. For me to successfully achieve my educational goals, it is important to ensure that I am not bothered by anyone or held back by anything. In life there are those people that are of bad influence. Therefore I have to make sure that I do not engage myself with them for me to pursue my education dream. In life, it is very advisable and a good practice to set your goals and overcome yourself. I have adopted this habit in my life, and it has helped me in becoming more responsible and self-confident in everything I do in life. It is vital for me to overcome myself in every way possible to be successful.

I believe that education is a long-term success that everybody should consider in their lifetime. Parents and guardians should make sure that they provide their children with a most quality education that they can afford. I believe education can be thought as for future investment or investing in the future. I have many friends and have heard stories of many people that have different educational qualifications but cannot find work at the moment; I believe that they will recover once the recession comes to an end. Those that people that do not have any education qualifications will have very limited opportunities for securing any good employment, or high-paying jobs. The cycle could continue in the coming years because, because the current statistics show that the chances of children going and completing are insufficient if their parents or guardians did not attend college.

I am putting my beliefs in my education because it is the way to go in the current times, by remaining in college and working my way out through my course. I believe for me to have a bright and better future I must struggle at the moment, and for me to build a better future for my family, I should have string foundation full of wisdom and knowledge.

I believe that through education I will have a better chance to better my career. The current job market has become very competitive, and most employers require academic qualifications to determine the most suitable candidate for employment. Therefore, having no academic qualification is a disadvantage, and one is not likely to get a well-paying job in life. Therefore, one reason why I believe that education is important to me is that no employer will be willing to employ me if I do not have a good education background in the required field. I believe that through education I get to have better knowledge. Education teaches us to be responsible people in the society, which is important in a person’s life. A good education is equivalent to a well-paying career in future. Therefore, I will be able to afford a place to live and have an easy time settling my bills. Therefore I believe that with good education background I can work wherever I want, my life would be more fulfilling and rewarding because of a better career.

My current college education life is helping me have a better understanding of things. For instance, I get to learn how to correlate, co-exist and work with other people. Such interactions with other people in school have helped me improve my communication habits which are quite good for my future career. Also, college life has equipped me with problem-solving skills, which I attribute to the studying and working extra hard to meet deadlines and conduct research. I believe that this skill will help me in my future life to handle greater task since education provides me with a better chance to function as a whole. I get to follow strict college rules and always keep time. I believe that I will have less trouble in meeting tight schedules in my future job since I will have already proper time management skills.

With this, I can confidently say that education is a vital source of information and knowledge and helps one wherever they go. School brings out the best out of a person, only if they use what they have learned in the right way. I believe that it is important for people to dedicate themselves to their education while they are still young. People should be encouraged to pursue their educational goals and not waste their life to regret later in life. Being dedicated to education gives one the freedom to do whatever pleases them in life.

October 20, 2022

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