Competitiveness of the Lehman College Career Exploration and Development Center

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My primary purpose in the research is to conduct a comparison of the Lehman college career center and the New York University career development center. This is to ensure that my audience in the research can get to a level of attending to the most critical issues related to the development and outlining of the segment. The memo will highlight some of the core competencies of the career center and make a comparison with the relevant department in the New York University. This will, therefore, act as an informative piece to instruct the broadening of services and creation of better activities in the long term (Ali 178). Therefore, the course of the research will serve to highlight on the major segments in relevance to the career center and whatever issues could be used to help with the determination of a better way to carry out activities. This is a significant way to highlight the creation of relevance and a definition of value to enhance a better service orientation and creation of efficient measures to bring out value in the long term.

In the Lehman college website, different factors help with the development of a career model for the institution. The college website outlines the best interventions that they offer to students, the skills that they are expected to have and the major issues that they have to handle in the long term when dealing with the institution and career development. Notably, this is an avenue of the institution where different statements are offered ion the basis of developing the proper course of carrying out activities. The Lehman institution makes a great dig in the career development for the existing students, helping them make the appropriate choices and getting into the future industries. This website also emphasizes the determination of ways that could lead to the accrual of value in different ways for the student activities (Sung, Sherry and Marid 129). The following table looks into the major factors as they can be unveiled from the research of the institution's career development center, and the career development center of another university of New York’s colleges. The table highlights some of the significant issues that could be realized from the research to showcase for the creation and generation of better activities in the long term. These are significant issues that could lead to the identification and definition of significant ways that the career development of the institution related to the career development of other institutions. This also looks into the core competencies of the institution in relevance to the accrual of value in the long term. The career development of the institution is therefore compared with the other campuses in relevance to the creation of a better service model to the community.

Primary Research




Lehman College CEDC

“Lehman College.” Career Services Center (CSC) - Lehman College,

1.  The website accommodates different models of student life and supports a series of activities conducted by students

2. The website offers a comprehensive guidance model to access and assess students in the course of the activities that they undertake.

3. The career development center instills the right kind of values in the students when they are taken through this course.

Brooklyn College

“Magner Career Center.” Magner Career Center | Brooklyn College,

1.  The college offers a comprehensive and vast model of getting to handle issues relevant to the career development of a student

2. The career development handles the phases of student life within and outside the institution. This helps to manage the student relations

3.  The career development center instructs the students on the kind of programs that they could be included in.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“Center for Career & Professional Development.” John Jay College of Criminal Justice,

1.  The institution offers relevant training services to the students which equip them with job searching techniques.  

2.  The institution relates well to the student's body and gets to make them interact with the alumni and the professionals within their reach

3.  The development center imparts relevant skills to the students to help them with carrying out their activities with success.

Hunter College

Welcome - Hunter College,

1.  The career development department offers career fairs to students to make sure they are well related to the areas that they would love to work on

2.  The career development departments ensure that students have the relevant skills that are needed in their significant job market and that they can interact well with the factors that are relevant to the job market.

3.  The career development department of the institution works acutely to ensure that the institution has the right kind of professional appeal, this is created through career centered training to help the students work well in their specific areas of concentration. This creates a development in the course of handling activities in the future market.

Secondary Research


Lehman College

John Jay College

Hunters College


Career development

Career development

Career development






The campus offers career development on different platforms that would also enhance the manner which activities are conducted to ensure a better manifestation of the student activities. The career development carried out by the campus would make a significant impact through the avenues that are provided. For instance, there are online services that are offered to the students. The online channel ensures that they interact with the relevant career segments that they would want. There is also a physical training and interaction model. These avenues ensure that there is a proper way to relate to the core activities as they are conducted in the campus.

The campus has alternatives for the activities that they offer to the students. The students could select to have online or physical avenues to get the training activities. These are primary avenues that make the students have a better relationship with their careers. Both of the physical and online avenues have specific activities that could be conducted on each to help with the instruction of better activities. This model ensures that activities are handled in a more appropriate level through this activity. The definition of value in the long term for the campus makes a great place to carry out these activities.

The campus offers both online and physical models of handling the career development of students. The online model facilitates the creation of value for the distant learners. On the other hand, the students get to the level where they can carry out their activities with much ease and facilitate the creation of a better value system in the long term. Therefore, through an enhanced way to carry out activities in the forums, the students get to interact with one another and have the competencies that are needed. However, the physical model of handling the career development plans are preferred due to the contingencies that it brings about to the campus. The students who experience this kind of activity ensure a better model of address their issues.




Prospective Students



Prospective Students



Prospective Students

Opening Statement

The career development segment of any institution is an integral factor in the development of considerable attention to the success of the school’s activities. Lehman College has a correct address to the career development of the students, with a concise level of handling activities and relevant issues which come out as instructional in the development of the activities that have been provided. Through the creation of an adequately outlined way to include the management of the career development in the institution, it has been much more comfortable to facilitate the activities of the students and channel them towards the right career direction.

Body of Report

The career development of any institution is centered on the right approach towards carrying out activities in a well-structured manner. The career development of an institution leads to the determination of value for the students and alumni positions of the school.

The pricing of a career development module helps to attract students and interested parties to carry out their activities as per the needs (Ali 183). The career development actions help to devise a structure which is instrumental in the foundation of better activities and attraction of significant issues to help instruct growth opportunities for the community. These are avenues that help devise value for the college.

The place for offering career development makes it an accessible platform for students. The accessibility of the career development of an institution makes the relevance for students to handle activities that come alongside it. This is a significant issue that gets to attract value for each action as they are carried out in the community.

The promotion for the career development helps to advance value for different segments of the society. The promotion activities manifest value in the long term and create better needs in the education sector.

Closing Summary

The orientation of the career development of the institution helps to forge a better way to interact with the services on the campuses. Different campuses have different attention towards the handling of services which are useful for any student. The scope of the career services has also helped to create a better society whereby individuals are aware of what they need to do and how they should approach their future. Prospective students are also taken care of in the long term through an address of the major issues that need to be handled. These actions make a better and well-structured career development center in any institution. The creation of relevant activities also works in favor of the development of core activities to be conducted. Therefore, these factors help forge value in diverse segments of career development in the society.

Works Cited

Ali, Saba Rasheed, and Kristen A. Menke. "Rural Latino Youth Career Development: An Application of Social Cognitive Career Theory." The Career Development Quarterly, no. 62(2), 2014, pp. 175-186.

Brown, Duane. Career Information, Career Counseling and Career Development. Pearson, 2015.

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Sung, Yoonhee, Sherri L. Turner, Marid Kaewchinda. "Career Development Skills, Outcomes, and Hope among College Students." Journal of Career Development, no. 40(2), 2013, pp. 127-145.

August 21, 2023

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