Crime and criminality

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According to new reports, there has clearly been an uptick in illegal crime. This has become a source of concern. The process of restoring stability and protection in communities is one that requires commitment in order to combat the growing crisis. Despite the deployment of security forces and government efforts to combat the crisis, this threat has been on the rise. Crime, according to Schiller, Black, and Murphy (2012), is an event or inaction that is not permitted by statute. It further confirms that if a person commits a felony, he is subject to punishment.

Criminal crime has increased, which may be attributed to a variety of personal or social reasons. According to Ali (2008), there are four main reasons which could cause an increase in crime. They include socio-economic factors, family, and personal factors. Tough economic conditions which have led to unemployment and reduction in the sources of incomes for the youth. This has led them to turn to crime so as to make ends meet. There could be tough social conditions prevailing which have made people feel inferior. This could be due to inequality, lack of support and poor leadership.

Crime is not good both for the one committing the action and the one affected. This is because crime leads to destruction of dreams as one may rely so much on crime that he forgets his purpose, destruction and loss of property and loss of lives. It instills fear in the people who destroys good social relationships.

According to James (2015) there has been an increase in gang violence criminals in urban locations. This has been a key cause of gang related death incidences in urban areas which occur. The gangs might fight against each other or fight against innocent people. This has brought a lot of fear as people are afraid of encountering the gangs. This has been happening due to tough economic conditions and bad social environment which has led to scarcity of resources and bad influence. They then result to crime as a way to fit in and salvage the situation. Besides gang related violence, there is instance of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking has provided a source of income to the unemployed. This has been due to a failure in the economy. Homicide accidents have also been on the increase.

To prevent this challenge the community and government could take various measures. According to Waller (2006), there are four main strategies which could be applied to prevent and reduce crime. They include solving social problems, finding solutions to situation that could reduce occurrence of crime, instituting strategies that will stop and reduce crime and introduction of social benefits. Solving social problems will assist by looking at the background of the criminals. This will help check what could be causing the behaviors and look for solutions. For example family issues or lack of jobs and look for ways to solve the problems. Other solutions to reducing crime include installing CCTV surveillance and providing social skills which will help offer guidance to the criminals. One of the best ways to reduce is by introducing social benefits. These are factors that will make the criminal part of the society. They include introducing schools, jobs and integration plans.

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November 03, 2022

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