Critical Aspect of Writing and Reading

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Writing is an activity that encompasses the composing of texts for publication. On my journey of learning how to write and read, I considered some critical aspect that improves my skills of writing and reading. Significant skills include writing at least new things each day, monitoring my progress every day and finding a place that is well suited for my writing and reading. Besides, I can construct complete sentences, make a perfect speech and write a couple of pages, something I could not do at all. More so, writing something new every day has helped me to improve my creativity, grammar and build new vocabulary each day.

The course content has played a central role in the generation of critical thoughts over a variety of perspectives. Notably, I have had an in-depth understanding of the historical context of how women are contemporary treated today. More so, Monitoring my progress everyday-data entries has helped me keep my work well organized, and this has helped to be self-committed and improvement.

On the other hand, challenges also took a better part in my course. Some of the obstacles encountered included the ability to read all the given assignments on time and get to comprehend what I am reading. Additionally, the process of assessing the short stories together with the poems in the coherence to the subjective direction was also part of the challenges. Similarly, I went off the topic several times during the discussion of the post. Conversely, the rewarding was to have the reading and to understand the materials that I am reading.

The applications that I can make for this course is to look for the current and coming events in a social and historical context especially, regarding the roles of women in the entirety of the society.

November 24, 2023

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