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The instructor and students, in my view, used proper approaches to include Peter in class activities. In most cases, children with Down's syndrome do not communicate with others in an acceptable manner (DES International 1). The teacher's strategies for dealing with Peter, on the other hand, were successful in ensuring that the other students successfully socialized with him. For example, during classroom activities, the teacher encouraged students to openly mingle with Peter. As a result, the students' views of Peter's unusual actions changed. Notably, the students were acquainted with Peter, ensuring that he engaged in classroom events in the same way as the other students. Precisely, during the early periods of Peter's enrolment in the class, the teacher restrained the learners from retaliating against Peter's violent actions. The teacher's decision to restrain the learners on how to handle Peter's actions efficiently aided in creating a proper relationship between the learners and Peter thereby offering the peter the opportunity to learn.

The teacher also showed proper parental care to Peter thereby making him fit in the classroom norms and learn. In most cases, Peter engaged in some inappropriate activities such as throwing learning materials at others, climbing stands and refusing to follow the teacher's instructions. The teacher did not punish Peter for his unbecoming behaviors and instead ignored him and encouraged other learners to ensure that Peter is safe from any form of injuries. The motherly strategy that the teacher used played a crucial role in motivating Peter to come to school and desist from the activities that were inappropriate. In my opinion, I perceive the teacher's motherly care for Peter played a critical role in ensuring that he was in class and undertook the activities that other learners were executing.

I am also of the opinion that the teacher used appropriate methods to help Peter fit in the classroom environment because she used proper communication strategies while interacting with him. Notably, the teacher, after discovering that Peter was suffering from Down’s syndrome used low tone while communicating with Peter thereby ensuring that the latter felt welcomed in the classroom. Besides, the teacher consistently repeated words while talking to Peter. Research shows that learners with Down's syndrome learn properly when a teacher as them to repeat or rephrase instructions (DSAHRC 1). Indeed, the close attention that one provides to a child with unique behaviors is necessary for ensuring that the person understands the directions that others are giving to them.

As previously described, I acknowledge that the teacher's strategy significantly helped in making Peter become part of the class. However, I feel that the teacher did not efficiently use demonstration techniques to help Peter learn new concepts. The children that are suffering from Down syndrome have a low intellectual capacity and do not promptly synthesize the information that they receive from other sources (DES International 1). Therefore, it is necessary to use various observational methods to help the learners suffering from the defect above acquire new concepts. In my opinion, the teacher ought to have increased the sessions in which she demonstrated the new ideas to efficiently increase Peter's ability to adequately learn the new concepts in his class and interact with the other learners in his classroom without experiencing various social challenges.

The behavior of the students also played a crucial role in ensuring that Peter became part of the class. Indeed, the children had discovered that Peter had improper actions and it was necessary to engage in activities that could help him learn. Notably, the children tolerated Peter's distractive behaviors thereby ensuring that he did not continue the adverse practices such as kicking and strangling the other learners. The pupils' ability to tolerate Peter's distractive behaviors significantly contributed to latter's adjustment into the classroom life. For instance, through the other learner's tolerance, Peter learned that it was inappropriate to engage in violent activities. Besides, the learners' attempts to restrain Peter from continuing his violent actions against his colleagues significantly influenced him and made him positively change his behaviors and positively interact with others in the classroom. Consequently, by the mid of the learning period, Peter had turned his violent acts and was adequately interacting with his peers, both in the class and in the fields.

In my opinion, the positive reinforcements that the learners used while handling Peter were also useful in ensuring that he adequately engaged in the classroom activities. An analysis of the behaviors that Peter exhibited indicates that initially, he had minimal interest in participating in classroom activities. However, the learner's use of positive reinforcements in the cases where Peter engaged in proper activities significantly helped in changing his attitudes towards the classroom activities. Precisely, the learners' decisions to clap whenever Peter followed the instructions that his teacher gave aided in making him adjust to the requirements in the classroom. Furthermore, the learners helped Peter fit into the class by showing that they had high interest in the activities that he undertook thereby motivating him to only engage in activities that pleased his peers.

Finally, the learners in Peter's class significantly helped him to improve his attention span while in class. The people living with Down's syndrome usually suffer from short attention span that adversely affects their abilities to cope with others while in the learning processes (DES International 1). For example, in the initial stages, Peter would tell his teacher that he was feeling sleepy, which is an indication that he was suffering from short attention span. However, the learners helped him fit in the class environment by making him active whenever his concentration levels in the classroom activities declined. For instance, the learners called Peter's name whenever he became inactive in class.

In conclusion, the strategies that Peter's teacher used helped in ensuring that he actively engaged in the classroom activities. As discussed in this essay, Peter's teacher showed parental care thereby ascertaining that Peter did not undertake activities that were perilous to his health. Also, the teacher used appropriate methods of communication while addressing Peter. Finally, Peter's teacher helped him cope with other learners by creating an environment that allowed other learners to socialize with Peter. Similar to the teacher, Peter's classmates also played a critical role in ensuring that he adequately engaged in the classroom activities. As evident in this essay, the pupils' tolerance of Peter's distractive behaviors was essential in his adjustments into the social life. Also, the learners immensely helped Peter to increase his attention span. Therefore, both the teacher and the pupils were integral to the improvement in Peter's life.

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