Education System and Yankelovich

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While it is challenging to predict with great certainty where training is headed, Yankelovich's article written in 2005 tried to explore some of the anticipated occurrences of how education will seem to be like after ten years which was by 2015. Yankelovich tried to explore how schooling will look like after the ten years if it highly responded to the needs of the society. He explored some of the forces which were to reshape the universities and colleges and universities after the ten years.

 Yankelovich exclaims that there might be no many modifications in the education system due to the many constituencies it has to satisfy, the many traditions and constraints which might lend it the flexibility to adapt hastily to the outside world.  As per him, changes will only be realized if the trends discussed face little or no friction or resistance. This is no different from what will be seen by 2026. There are many anticipated changes by then though they will also depend on the friction applied to their transition and adaptation (Yankelovich, p5).

It is obviously known that civilization will continue increasing day by day.  There will be increased need for understanding other people’s languages and cultures. There are also anticipations that there will be increased challenges to the commitment of higher education to the social mobility. Other anticipations are that there will be extreme longevity in that the increased lifespan will diversify the nature of learning and also careers. Science innovation is also on the rise, and it is believed that by 2026 there will be the rise of smart machines and also the systems-workplace automation. This is a computation world, and there is the increased use of sensors and greater processing power that is making the world a programmable system. There is the likely hood of having new media ecology, superstructure organizations and also globally connected work. These are some of the anticipated changes in education by the year 2026.

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Work cited

Yankelovich, Daniel. "RESEARCH: College and Noncollege Youth Values." Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 6.7 (1974): 45-64. Web.

April 05, 2021

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