Even though it seems worrying, there are no libraries in charter schools

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While it appears worrying, there are no libraries in charter schools owing to a shortage of funding for these services. It is also worth remembering that libraries are important because they promote reading and study as well as increase performance; thus, they must be accepted in all learning institutions, including charter schools.

Finding a reliable source is an intricate issue in the current system where numerous articles are available. However, The Void in Charter Schools: How can kids develop a love for reading without a library to nurture them? by Maria Traska is an appropriate one in this case. The source dwells on the challenges facing charter schools, particularly in developing students without the help of libraries. When searching about problems in charter school on the internet, this article was the first to appear, and a deeper look at it influenced my decision to use it. The article also gives my research a unique dimension that will lead to the general improvement of the study. It accurately supports my claim that there is a huge gap in Charter schools, which affects student performance. It is also contained in the American Libraries; a database comprising various articles; hence, making it a reliable source.

From the article’s title, it is safe to say that kids in charter schools need libraries to enhance their performance. According to sentiments entailed in the reading, student performance within the schools can only be enhanced via a sufficiently stocked and funded school library with at least one certified librarian (Traska, 2013). These sentiments are in line with my claims that students can attain higher grades by accessing well-furnished libraries. These structures create a reading culture that broadens the kids in terms of conducting research and knowledge. Furthermore, it encourages innovation as the students can relate whatever they are learning to the happenings across the globe. As such, the resource supports the construction of more libraries within these institutions to ensure students are academically satisfied.


Traska, M. R. (2013, August 7). The Void in Charter Schools: How can kids develop a love for reading without a library to nurture them? Retrieved from https://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/2013/08/07/the-void-in-charter-schools/

October 13, 2022

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