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SCLC (Systems Implementation Life Cycle) is a project management conceptual model that ideally represents the various phases involved in the development of the information system from the initial stage of the feasibility study to the maintenance of a completed program (Reoback, 2012). Personally, I've never seen a botched project, so I'm going to highlight something on why certain projects have failed, what they haven't achieved, and what needs to be done to deter those errors. Cases, where projects fail, show that they fail to use the six SDLC phases properly. For instance, the developers of the project may lack proper project planning by not identifying the problem, the resource and the objectives such as costs and personnel. This at the end makes the project to fail. Later, if they lack proposal of having alternative solutions to the problems that arose in the project during system analysis, then the project eventually will fail.

The second phase that they should have done is project analysis where they might have lacked proper documentation and determined end user requirement. This is entirely seen when there is a lack of analysis and feasibility study of the project. The third phase that may cause an unsuccessful project is a lack of design (Dixit, 2013). Ideally, all projects must have proper components, elements and security models that are used by Architectures to attain different types of data and interfaces that indicate how a project would look like.

The fourth phase that can be a cause of failure is the lack of proper deployment and implementation. This arises when there is a lack of design and the required analysis. During deployment, the project may lack definition thus leading to its failure (Wasson, 2015). The fifth part that is sensitive and that should be used before releasing the project is a lack of testing the project. When the end users use the project, they may not understand why it has failed, but in reality, it is the failure of the company. Lastly, when there is a lack of project maintenance which may include evaluating the project and replacing the old hardware, then automatically the project will fail.


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August 09, 2021

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