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For the sake of this paper, the student shall be referred to as Ian. He is ten years old and has a variety of learning impairments. Ian lacks the intelligence that some of his contemporaries possess. Ian's parents say that their concerns began after his younger sister mastered talents that he had not. While they expected Ian to mature as he grew older, he remained delayed. His teachers noted that he was having difficulty reading and writing at school. Even when given simple phrases, Ian struggled to understand them, prompting his parents to seek the assistance of a psychotherapist. A diagnosis of Ian’s conditions revealed that he had a shortcoming in learning and language abilities. It is therefore ideal to ensure that Ian gets proper interventions so as to improve his learning and language abilities.

Assessment of Student

The assessment of Ian learning disability followed the National Institute of Child Health and Human development criteria. According to NICHD, the diagnosis of learning disabilities among children starts at the moment they attend school. The ‘response to intervention” was used to assess Ian’s learning disabilities ( The assessment involved monitoring Ian’s progress at school for two weeks to identify any learning problems that he faced. After the learning disabilities were identified, Ian did not show any progress despite the interventions that were put in place. Furthermore, the assessment also involved a determination of whether Ian qualified for the federal special education services.

Additionally, a medical examination was also used to supplement the classroom assessments for the learning disabilities. Moreover, the family’s history was also considered as a critical part of Ian’s learning disabilities. Additionally the Ian’s school psychologies also played a critical role in the assessment of the learning disabilities. The psychologist provided language evaluation of Ian’s disability ( After a critical analysis of the assessment, it was determined that Ian had learning and language disabilities that hindered his ability to effectively interact with other students.


The arrival of the diagnosis of Ian’s learning disabilities was based on the assessment that had been done which determined that he indeed had a shortfall in his intellectual potential. The first sign that informed the diagnosis was that he had difficulty when it came to reading or writing. For example, while other students could write after the teacher, Ian appeared to struggle to write down even the simplest of words. Moreover, the diagnosis was also informed by the fact that Ian found it had to gain math skills a sign that is common among children with learning disabilities. He could often find it hard to make simple math calculations such as adding double digit numbers. Ian also showed a difficulty in recalling something that had been taught during a previous lesson while his peers followed through effectively. Furthermore, Ian also struggled to follow the directions given by his teacher, and had a poor coordination between different classes he attended. Additionally, he also found it hard to concentrate in class as he focused on class unrelated activities ( In general, the signs supported the diagnosis that Ian had learning disabilities.

At the same, Ian also showcased some characteristics such as impetuous behavior and responded to questions that were not directed to him. Moreover, he was easily distracted from tasks that were assigned to him by his teacher. His performance in different subjects was also inconsistent as at one time he could perform well while at other times his accomplishments were perturbing ( In essence, these behaviors also pointed to the fact that Ian had learning disabilities.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Accommodation One: Ian will be given two passages to read along with three words to decode each week. The aim of this activity would be to ensure that Ian maintains concentration when reading and develops writing skills. Ian’s teacher will be responsible for assigning the passages, and assessing his performance to note any progress. Moreover, Ian’s parents will also be responsible in facilitating this objective as they will assist him in reading the passages and decoding the words.

Accommodation Two: Ian will be expected to read a short story to his peers while they are in a class session. The aim of having him read the story is ensure that he develops speech skills and also develop social skills. For example, the passage chosen will have the words that Ian has found difficult to pronounce in past. Additionally, Ian’s parents will be expected to participate in the reading of the passages since they are already aware of the difficulties in faces in terms of pronunciation, and their input will be critical to his success. Ian’s parents together with his teacher will be tasked with evaluating his performance.

Accommodation Three: The other accommodation that will be included in the IEP is the practice of math skills. Ian will be given simple math problems that revolve around addition and subtractions, and will be expected to solve them with the help of his teacher. However, this will substituted with complex problems such as multiplication and division so that his performance can be gauged progressively. The essence of this objective is to help Ian develop math skills something that he has shown to lack through the assessments that has been performed. The parent’s role in this accommodation will be to ensure that they help Ian with the math assignments given to him by his teacher.

Accommodation Four: Ian will also be expected to participate in sports so as to develop their language and social skills. During previous assignments about learning disabilities, it was determined that students with learning disabilities such as Ian can benefit from sports. Ian will participate in sport such as soccer whereby he will develop his social and language skills by interacting with his peers.


Each of the accommodations will be evaluated according to the extent to which they will have helped the Ian progress in terms of the assessments. The objectives will be evaluated in terms of how it will have helped Ian decode simple words and maintain concentration when reading passages. If Ian will show progress in these two objectives, the accommodation will be considered to have worked. Furthermore, the objective will be assessed in terms of how it helps Ian develop speech skills since this is part of the problems that were identified during the assessment. Additionally, the objectives will also be assessed in terms of how Ian improves his math solving problems due to the IEP. In general, the IEP will be revised on several occasions so as to ensure that Ian progress in terms of developing learning abilities.

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April 19, 2023

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