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Based on their properties, the students would be able to distinguish shapes. They would be able to learn the characteristics of each shape. They will know that not all shapes are the same.

Students find that certain features are shared by forms in multiple groups.

Students learned how to define shapes in the previous session. They learned about the properties of various forms. They had been a given a test by their teacher to identify and name shapes in an aim to test their understanding. The naming and identification of shapes set the base for this lesson.

Key Vocabulary:

Rhombus; A four sided shape with all sides of equal length, Rectangle; a four sided shape with opposite sides equal and all angles ninety degrees, square; a four sided shape with all sides equal and all angles equal to ninety degrees, triangle; a three sided shape


A ruler, A4 plain sheet, pencil, a protractor, and eraser.


The teacher began the class with a story of an old man. He said that there was once an old man. The man was living in abject poverty. He was 65 years old. His life was sustained by a $50 social security check. One day, he thought of an idea to change his life. He prepared a nice mouthwatering recipe and decided to sell it to various restaurants in exchange of a small percentage of the items sold. However, in every restaurant he entered, his recipe was rejected. He visited 1000 restaurants and his recipe was not accepted by even a single restaurant. The man did not lose hope. He kept on knocking doors of the top management of restaurant but his recipe was never accepted. He visited more and more restaurants. After a long struggle, his recipe was accepted at the 1256th restaurant he visited. He started getting a commission for all chicken sold in the restaurant and his life changed for the better. Moral lesson of the story. Never lose hope on life. Never ever give up. Remain focused and determined to achieve your goal no matter what challenges you are facing.

Lesson Plan Procedures:

The teacher gave measurements of different shapes. The students were given directions on how to draw the shapes. They used a ruler, a protractor and a pencil to draw the shapes. Each A4 paper had to accommodate only two shapes. Students were asked to work in groups of four for them to have a clear understanding of what they were doing.

Medial Summary:

The teacher drew all the shapes on the blackboard. The students were given clear guidance and directions of o how the shapes were to be drawn. They were also guided on how to identify the shapes by measuring the sides and angles.

Differentiated Instruction:

The students were engaged in answering several questions to further their understanding of shapes.

Opportunities for Practice:

The teacher gave the students a take home assignment. They were asked to go and identify all shapes in their households that were similar to what they learnt in class. The teacher gave them an example of a table being rectangular in shape. The students had to go and name as they list all shapes they saw in their homestead.

Final Summary:

At the end of the lesson, the teacher engaged the students in a question and answer session

The teacher started the class with a warm up exercise. The exercise was a five-minute casual question and answer. The students were introduced to the importance of understanding different shapes. The exercise exerted low pressure on the students which made them to be passive. The student’s anxiety was reduced during the exercise.



After the class was over, the teacher asked the class prefect to collect all the assignments for making. The students understanding of the shapes was to be assed.

Classroom Management:

The teacher had created classroom rules. The rules were flexible and allowed room for fun. The rules emphasized on the involvement of students in the teaching learning process. An atmosphere of respect was created by the rules which made the students feel safe and valuable. The rules enhanced practice and consistency in learning.

Attention to Multicultural Issues:

Upon entering the classroom, the teacher gave a short fun story. The students were then asked to salute each other. They were asked to identify 10 students each by name. By so doing, there was a moment of interaction. Social interaction is very much important in our daily lives. Social interaction is the basis for human existence. By allowing the students a chance to socialize, the teacher was preparing them on how to live with other people outside the classroom set-up.

October 25, 2022

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