Guerrilla Administration in Seattle Regional Office of Environmental Protection Agency

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Guerilla is a term referring to activities or actions undertaken in an improvised manner, normally without authorization. The term also refers to a member of the resistance taking part in a wrong fighting, in most case against larger regular powers.  A guerilla Administration is a type of dispute normally conceded by insiders who are discontented with the actions of individuals, public organizations, or programs who in most cases, for deliberate reasons, prefer not to go open with their affairs. Some guerillas finish up exposing themselves as whistle blowers but most of them do not. Additionally, guerillas might heed their superiors in public but defy them in private; ghostwriting letters, studies and testimony; neglecting directives and policies they differ with-hinder; failing to execute orders they think are unfair; holding undisclosed meetings to scheme a unified staff approach; failing to right the mistakes of the superiors. In addition to that, the guerillas leak information to the media. There are some conditions that are liable to encourage the maturating of guerilla Administration affairs. The most common is when those in power arrogantly do not hear. Accordingly this term paper will provide a review in the case study of Guerrilla Administration in Environmental Protection Agency’s Seattle Regional Office.

            Ethics is how a person explains what is contemplated right versus what is contemplated wrong (cooper, 2012). Generally, when working in a government sector, the political atmosphere encompassing the agency is crucial. Hence, in evaluating the “Guerrilla Administration in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office” case analysis; one discovers that the guerilla actions were brought as a result of abuse of office by the superiors. John Spencer was one of the superiors of EPA and he decided to make hard decisions all by himself, and when employees questioned they were threatened. Spencer who was an administrator sustained using of public facilities without explaining the expenses sustained.

The issues the political appointees faced in this case and an explanation of federal ethical law violations

            One important issue is carrier servant formation of the needed trust level. The tenure of Spencer administration, introduced an atmospheric condition of mistrust in the organization. Spencer was involved in the breach of many federal moral laws. He took personal trips which comprised of mismanagement of resources, agreeing private contracts with private bureaus that agreed to elude many constitutional regulations and policies which benefited him directly. It is clear that Spencer used public resources for his own gains without being accountable.  

Career employees’ motivation to use guerrilla tactics solution

            Career employees may decide to boycott regular administrative strategies if they feel left out in decision making. Anything done against the administration may be risky for one’s career and unethical but at some point it may be ethical when employees are seeking management resolutions. A cautious guerilla study of criticism and protest which encircled investigations conducted on Spencer’s case showed unspoken and open connection policies which were around the procedures of conducting an investigation. The guerillas joint attempts and cried for investigation on Spencer’s actions (O’Leary, 2013).

How guerilla actions affected the organization and public policy

            The actions of guerilla observed in EPA to a larger extend tarnished the image of the organization. The control of EPA was featured with misuse of resources which foreshadowed the fall of the organization. Other firms were excluding from doing business with EPA because it was generally know that EPA was under mismanagement. The administration of EPA was misusing funds which were not accredited by the constitution (Cooper, 2011). Because of that, the organization lost a lot of funds and dependable employees could not allow these kinds of conducts by the superiors so they left and sought jobs from other respectable organizations.    

Actions taken by environmental protection agency leaders to manage guerrilla administration

            In managing guerilla Administration, EPA administration was scrutinized by the Guerillas. They were matter to inspect by the office of the Attorney General to show any corrupt conducts they might have done. Additionally, when there were inferior findings as in the Spencer situation, guerillas had to appeal the soundness of the report and wish for an inclusive one (O’Leary, 2014). It was evident that the guerillas were being suppressed and threatened when they attempted to shout about the management of EPA. When the guerillas were being suppressed by the administration, they in turn went to the public through newspapers and other print channels to reveal what they had concerning the organization.

 Potential lessons for public administrators and their importance

            One can conclude that, public administrators are given more freedom and powers. This is evident from the case of Spencer who misused public resources and even went further by threatening and trying to suppress the employees who tried to raise their voice concerning the his activities. Therefore administrators should not be given much power and all employees should take part in making decisions. Administrators should be held accountable for their unethical practices in the organizations.


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Guerrilla Administration

August 01, 2023


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