Hannah's Response to Tier 2 Instruction

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There are several learning activities vital in helping Hannah improve her reading performance (Unruh & McKellar, 2017). This should appropriately be implemented to ensure that all the instructions are delivered to Hannah. The instructions should be delivered one at a time to make sure that each of these is given adequate time and that the relevant materials are appropriately used. Below listed are important components that must be implemented to ensure that the student obtains the instructions as required (Unruh & McKellar, 2017).

            Instructors in such a situation are required to use materials that are only recommended for that particular student (Using Data to Improve Student Learning in Elementary School, 2003). This can be conducted by the use of scientific and high-quality classroom instructions. The recommended reading materials can be integrated to ensure that the different versions of instructions are used at a certain stage. When administering these instructions, there should be an ongoing evaluation of the student including monitoring student progress and screening exercises throughout the seven-week period. The exercise is important because it is aimed at giving important information regarding the student‘s achievement and the rate of learning. The tiered instruction is a crucial set of activities aimed at offering different instructions based on the student abilities and capabilities. This set of measures ensures that different levels of structures have approaches that are specific to the needs of the student. During the implementation of RTI, the parent should be fully involved (Using Data to Improve Student Learning in Elementary School, 2003). Hannah’s parents should be provided with all the information regarding their child progress. Based on the information gathered by Mrs. Pei, it is clear that Hannah remains between the fifty percentile ranges. IRIS Center requires that student to at least score 75 to be considered performing at a particular grade level. The information obtained after seven weeks shows that the student is within 55%.

Hannah’s Response to Tier 1 Instruction

            Based on the information gathered during the instruction period, Hannah seems to respond tier 1 instructions offered appropriately. The kind of instruction methods, in this situation, is scientific materials presented by competent individuals. Hannah has been evaluated in the subjects or areas she has weaknesses and the accurate interventions put in place to assist her in reading coursework. She is positively responding to the instructions.   

Recommended Tier for Hannah

            There is more than one tier that is good for Hannah; of all existing, tier 1 is the most appropriate for her. It is a kind of intervention in which upon identification that a student has reading difficulties; he or she is given high-quality instruction techniques from well experienced personnel. The role of the instructor here is to ensure that the complexities faced by Hannah are not as a result of insufficient instructions provided. The weaknesses identified by the student on the behavioral and academic will therefore be rectified in the tier using the right scientific instructions offered in the procedure for the desired outcome. The duration in the tier will involve a keen evaluation of the activities and progress of the student using authenticated screening method. After the student’s progress is evaluated and if there is no success, the student will then be put in tier 2.

The Recommendations for Hannah to Read

            Since Hannah is interested in art, she should have relevant reading materials having description of artistic readings (Zalaudek, 2013). For this case, it is recommended to read “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth” among other readings. A number of clients with similar background have read the book and enriched their experience. Hannah will begin with this book and later move on to other. Guidelines should be provided to ensure that Hannah only reads materials without any form of art presented.


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August 01, 2023

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