HUM 1020 Course

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The HUM 1020 course is important for any student studying humanities because it provides introductory elements that help a student understand how the civilization course works and the different fields that are discussed in it. HUM 1020 has introduced me to a variety of material that I was previously unaware of, and I believe it is the best course I have taken this semester. Taking the HUM 1020 course teaches you a variety of topics. The course has been fascinating. There are various discussions I have undertaken this semester that has supposed me to different issues that are critical to an individual's understanding humanities. One of the discussions that I encountered while taking the course is the concept of knowledge and thinking skills which I found to be informative. The discussion gave an insight regarding the relationship that exists between humanity and cultures. The connection that I made regarding knowledge and thinking skills is that when one has the knowledge, they can think more when it comes to how humanities are applied within various aspects of the society.

The HUM 1020 course has multiple readings that are interesting. The most helpful reading that I encountered was the communication skills. The reading was useful based on the contents covered that helped in improving my communication skills. The reading was interesting because I realized that I was not good at communication as I had thought. The reading enhanced my vocabulary which increased my communication skills when it comes to written materials. For instance, through communication skills, I learned how to formulate arguments well in a manner that is precise and captivating to the reader. Since undertaking communication skills, I have received positive responses from my tutor regarding papers that I have written.

The course involved writing various reflective papers that have improved my writing skills. Through writing the reflective papers given by the tutor, I have grown when it comes to the writing effective thesis statements and transitions from one paragraph to another. Initially, I had a challenge of formulating an effective thesis statement. However, I mastered how to come up with efficient theses. Writing papers involved peer review activities which enhanced my learning of various issues regarding writing skills. Through the peer review exercise, I learned from classmates how to make a valid conclusion based on issues that have been covered in the essay body and also how to reinforce the thesis statement at the end of the conclusion. Hence, my writing has improved significantly throughout the semester.

There are struggles that I faced while undertaking the course. One of the notable struggles is finishing the writing assignments on time. The struggle involved is that the writing seemed easier which made me procrastinate and by the time I started handling them I realized that they were not easy as it had appeared which ended up giving me a lot of pressure. In this course, one should be ready to spend extra time reading course materials because they are significant to understanding various issues that are taught in class. Also, one should be willing to purchase the course materials or be ready to visit the library frequently and not only when the exams are near or when there are assignments so as to understand the course more.

October 25, 2022

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