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Ms. Bright Amanda is a 38-year-old woman who has struggled with excessive alcohol consumption and internal family difficulties. Ms. Amanda was sent to counseling by her Pastor, Jim, when he noticed she was severely sad. Ms. Amanda stated prior to her visitation that she had tried and failed various counseling and therapy programs. Ms. Amanda is concerned that her drinking issue has negatively impacted her interpersonal ties. She claims to be frequently violent, belligerent, and abusive. As a result, she thinks that the counseling may assist her in controlling her drinking issue. Notably, there seem to be some critical social issues that are causing Ms. Amanda’s social problems. Therefore, the objective is to explore whether her alcohol addiction stems from challenges in her social support network and to examine the social perspective of curing alcoholism. Ms. Amanda states that her drinking problem started when her father died eight years ago. She was significantly depressed and resulted in drinking small amounts of alcohol. Her drinking frequency increased over time. To make matters worse, her mother is also an alcoholic. She admits that she does not have a close relationship with her mother. Although her husband is supportive, Ms. Amanda feels guilty if letting him down. However, she says that her sister and pastor have been highly supportive.

Judgment (s)

Undoubtedly, the major issues are social. Although there is no single cause of alcoholism, the risk factors are high among individuals with weak support groups and those who have family members who drink. Besides losing her father, Amanda does not have a healthy relationship with her mother who is also an alcoholic. Nonetheless, social factors can also prevent the worsening of drinking problems. Religion, marriage, and education are some of the common entry points for helping Ms. Amanda.

April 26, 2023

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