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Numerous reports on the advancement of the Institute of Medicine have been issued, all with the goal of improving healthcare in the United States and around the world (Robin, 2015). The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which gives financial help to facilitate healthcare promotion, has consistently supported implementation. My research will investigate how Johnson's foundation promotes IOM and the roles of nurses and state governments in the process. Texas will be the state in use.

Robert Wood Johnson founded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1936 with the goal of assisting members of the local community who could not afford healthcare. He started by offering grants to local hospitals to improve healthcare and even paid tuition fees for those who wanted to get to medical schools but could not afford the payment (Ann, 2013).

Today, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest private philanthropic organization that works to promote health and medically related research that will enhance quality healthcare. The foundation supports all forms of medical research except biomedical research and also funds projects that are aimed at boosting healthcare delivery whether in schools, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies (Ann, 2013).

Impacts of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Health Care

The foundation has a lot of impacts in the USA health sector i.e. the foundation has ensured that all citizens can access healthcare at an affordable cost. It also works to promote healthy lifestyles and communities and to support patients with chronic conditions all over the country and works to reduce the economic and social harm caused by commonly abused drugs such as alcohol and tobacco (Ann, 2013).

Nursing In Relation to IOM Report

The nursing profession and practice has the potential to impact wide and vast changes in promoting healthcare due to their adaptive capacity and populations. The nature of the nursing profession where they have a close proximity with patients gives them a better understanding of patient grievances and in relation to their care understanding scientifically. The fact that they get a whole good understanding of processes pertaining care lend them a better ability to partner with the medical divide at large in the redesign towards the improvement of the healthcare system (

Nurses are available in every healthcare setting ranging from retail health clinics, school care settings, public health centres and even in battlefields and for a reason, nurses are the most effective in spearheading the revolution on healthcare improvement. They, therefore, are most actual in helping to reduce the gap between access and coverage, fulfilling nursing potential as main caregivers to the best level of their training and education, and to enable the full economic value of their practice to be evident. IOM, therefore, seeks to boost education in the nursing sector to impact quality care delivery (

Nursing workforce development is among the key agenda in the IOM objectives. The profession impacts medical improvement largely due to the reason that nursing practice covers a wide range from disease prevention, health promotion, and palliative care and to coordination of cure hence an improvement in their field will quickly be felt along all sectors of patient needs and ailments (

A recommendation to the nursing fraternity to have them have a greater impact in the promotion of quality healthcare delivery will be to add on their education to adapt to new trends that positively include healthcare such as the electronic health recording which store patient records safely and makes them easily retrievable when the need arises. The IOM is therefore related to nursing (

State-Based Coalitions on Achieving Future of Nursing Goals

State action coalitions help in the overview of identifying issues from a regional perspective and drafting possible solutions to the identified problems. The advantage of having state-based coalitions is that they present issues that are unique from each region hence countermeasures are drafted in perspective of locality and not a generalization manner hence counter ways always end up effective. Barriers to health improvement in Texas include the fact that nurses are not majorly involved in state strategies regarding healthcare and the nurses are not empowered to further their education which will promote healthcare in turn.

Texas Team Advancing Health through Nursing (Texas Team AC)

Texas team is advancing health through nursing play a critical role in spearheading the implementation of the IOM report recommendations in the state. In improving health delivery for Texans, the team is implementing recommendations from the IOM report as discussed below;

Recommendation 1: Removing Scope of Practice Barriers

The Texas team identifies the areas that require optimization based on seeing nurses practising to the best of their ability regarding their training and education extent. The movement also develops policies that actualize the full scope of practice for Texan nurses and also develops reports based on policy adherence which gives evidence on the value of APRN’s in offering affordable, quality health care to Texans (Laura, 2014).

Recommendation 2: Expand Nursing Opportunities to enable them diffuse and Lead Collaboration

The team helps in involving nurses in participating and leading in the implementation of projects aimed at promoting healthcare. The move helps in drafting good implementation policies based on the knowledge that nurses have a good understanding of the areas which need improvements as they work across care delivery (Laura, 2014).

Recommendation 3: Increase Populations of Nurses with Baccalaureate Degrees to 80% by 2020

Health can be boosted when the personnel behind delivering the health have been impacted with enough information, knowledge and skills that improve care. For the reason, the team aims at increasing the number of nurses with degrees by 80% come 2020, and this will positively impact care delivery in Texas State. Nurses can be motivated to further their studies by giving them some study time and educational loans (Laura, 2014).

Recommendation 4: Double the Number of Doctorate Nurses by 2020

When the number of doctorate doctors is doubled, the Texas healthcare sector is improved in terms of policies drafted and decisions made especially in managerial positions (Laura, 2014). A double in the number of doctorate doctors will greatly impact healthcare delivery in Texas mainly through quality decision making as doctorate level nurses will sit in managerial and supervisory positions.


It is evident that healthcare can be improved to a better ground than where it stands today if the IOM recommendations are implemented. The states and governments should give it all in promoting healthcare regarding quality and affordability to ensure that health disparities are reduced. Acts such as the healthcare act are good strategies by the government that positively impact healthcare and more of such policies should be enacted.


Chard, R. (2015). IOM Report: The Future of Nursing and Implications for Perioperative Nursing.

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May 24, 2023
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