Is a Bachelor Degree necessary?

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Education: The Importance and Misconceptions

Education has become important in today's world because specialists are needed everywhere. When one attends university, they gain valuable life experience and knowledge that can help them get a decent career in the future (Billiteri 25). However, having a higher degree is not required to be effective. The majority of people now agree that a college degree is a key to career prosperity. From primary school to university, our parents, teachers, and community leaders preach the benefits of attending education. This essay will elaborate on why most Americans don't have college degrees and argue the fact that a bachelor's degree does not guarantee you a middle-class life.

The Reason Behind Low College Attendance

The truth however behind college certificate is that most American have not adapted to the system because they come from lower-income families. About 40 percent according to research have managed to get an associate’s degree. However, the additional 22 percent went to some college and failed. The majority of them that seek to raise their educational attainment usually focus on identifying the roadblocks that prevent them from going to school. The high school population, college cost and misperceptions concerning value are the reasons why Americans lost interest to the education system. When it comes to the question whether getting a college degree will get someone a good job, about 57 percent disagreed. On the interpretation of this statement, most Americans feel that there is no need to invest in something that will not accommodate their needs. (Gobry 17).

The Reality of College Degrees and Job Prospects

Sometimes colleges can be theoretical when it comes with the real touch of reality. In a world that has constant flux, it is advisable that people should get more than the college experience. Getting college degrees has even become expensive to the point that when one gets employed, they end up paying mortgages all their lives in which when calculated it’s the same price of the certificate (Gobry 28). Sadly, there is a belief that after attaining the degree, one will earn a lot of money. One challenge that is spreading around is that college people have the mentality of getting the dream job, but in a real sense, not everyone makes it with these certificates.

The Inadequacy of College Degrees

The reason is that most individuals end up being in long-term debts. In colleges, the phrase 'finding yourself' is a universal language used by college students. In reality, college is a protected world and so is the degree. The easiest way one can discover what they are worth is by engaging themselves in the real challenging situations. For instance, the individual should volunteer in an organization with the aim of gaining skills. One is also required to venture around the world with part-time jobs to establish the true passion of life. Let the truth be told; one does not need a college degree to be satisfactory. As time passes, the education system gears up.

The Role of Technology and Creativity

Very soon, as the ink on textbooks dry, the information gained becomes obsolete. The reason is that technology has changed the game. For instance, everything and everyone are on the media platform. The majority of them become celebrities out of their cats, babies, dogs and themselves. Another reason is that writer, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, programmers and online marketers continue to crush and make money. The idea is that today's economy is driven by technology, creativity, and entertainment. Not everyone who holds a college degree can be an entrepreneur or build a business (Billiteri 33). This is because degree getters don't have the slightest interest or aptitude of doing business. Developing a business is much more comfortable and cheaper than before. There no more barriers to getting the knowledge required for producing one. With commitment, a few books and a few months, one can become an entrepreneur. As much as it may cost to start a business, it only requires a few years to start getting the profit.

Success Beyond the College Certificate: Examples

Throughout the world, some people have made it without the college certificate. One good example is David Ogilvy who is also known as the 'father of advertising.' Throughout his lifetime, Ogilvy appeared as one of the most wizards when it came to advertising. While in school he only got a scholarship but was later expelled due to his bad grades (Glen n.d). As seen today, this man goes to work with successful companies like Rolls-Royce, Dove, and shell. Ogilvy also became one of the best authors particularly from his book 'Confessions of an Advertising man.' Today the book is still being advertised as a famous book. Another lucky person that made it even after dropping out of college is Bill Gates. While still in college, Gates already had a published scientific paper that sorted the algorithm problem which his professor was unable to solve. In 1975, he decided to drop out and started Microsoft. Today he is one of the wealthiest people in the world.


The lesson learned from this article is that college degree does not guarantee a successful life ahead. As proven in the essay, not only is it expensive to get the higher education but it also ends up disappointing people because they either end up paying debts throughout their lives or don't get their dream jobs. As stated on the thesis, it is evident enough that success comes from natural experience. Suitable examples of successful individuals were given to back up the thesis. Success comes from people who love to risk but not for those who wait for the certificate.

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January 18, 2023

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