Life in a Foreign country

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I commenced developing the interest of living in a overseas country at a tender age; this desire used to be stirred by our neighbors who were living in the United States. Their lives seemed affluent, and from my judgments, they must have been leading a well to do stay abroad. On the other hand, I had my aunt who was living in the identical country. She had been staying for quite a while, and she had even acquired a U.S citizenship. She had been asking my mum to let me visit her, however I was still in high school so it could not be possible. The completion of college presented me with the opportunity, and I grasped it. The day came and I travelled. Staying with her marked the beginning of beautiful memories in a foreign country. I learnt a new language and made a couple of great friends. Further, I got immersed in the culture of this famous land.
The arrival in the U.S gave me a lot of excitements. First, because it was my first time in a foreign state and second, I was going to taste life in a completely different country with a new culture and language. Learning English was a bit challenging because my host was speaking in our first language, Philippino, thus, I was compelled to take English lessons twice a week, and all my classmates were from different countries. Therefore, learning English was only limited to experiences in the local college and nothing at home. From then onwards until the end of my time in the U.S, I learned English from city residents and a few people I had befriended.
In addition to new language experiences, interacting with people and making new friendships was another fantastic experience of staying abroad. I got one lady with whom we developed a great friendship. She lived in a beautiful Michigan city, and we spent all weekends together. It was at our regular time out of the house that I met my American boyfriend. He was kind-hearted and handsome and every moment along was terrific. With him, we visited beautiful places and taught me the ideal American lifestyle by introducing me to his friends, family, and the American culture. Further, our frequent outings and conversing with him in English helped bolster my English skills. Also, I became familiar with the Americans, their customs, and habits.
Working as a babysitter is another great experience I cherish during my stay in the U.S. The chance came after reading a newspaper about a couple looking for a foreign girl to take care of their two young kids. At first, I was hesitant of taking the opportunity due to the massive responsibility of looking after two young children, but I decided to take the risk. The family lived in a friendly neighborhood located along the ocean, and the kids were beautiful but curious about my foreign accent. Despite the initial fear of the enormous responsibility and lack of experience in the job, everything turned out well, and the whole encounter furnished me with a life-long skill.
The time I spend in the U.S taught me that living in another country equips one with a lot of knowledge apart from learning another language. It gives an individual an opportunity to develop new relationships and learn a lot about the culture in the other country. I have never revisited the U.S, but the whole experience changed my entire perspective on life.

July 24, 2021

Education Sociology

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