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Nelson Mandela, South Africa's founding president, once said, "Education is the sword by which you will transform the world." The quotation seems more applicable now than it did during his lifetime. Any pupil, rich or poor, should be able to purchase this potent tool. Education continues to be the most important element in determining several countries' economic stakes. Many people are concerned about the cost of attending college. As the level of tuition in colleges or universities skyrockets, most students are unable to follow their desired classes. This leaves them less equipped to land better employment opportunities and deprives the country brains that these young individuals may have.

By making college free, the bright students who pass their high school evaluation but are not able to afford college fees will be able to pursue their dreams. Those who are able to succeed and pass their courses in college should be allowed to undertake their studies regardless of how much money they or their families are able to raise. The act should be seen as an investment in the future of the country (Throndsen 2017). There can be nothing as important as a country with a well-educated future. A college education should be free at least for people who cannot afford it. At least families below a certain annual income should be excepted from paying tuition fees in colleges.

Currently, college graduates have to pay off their college education loans after they graduate and acquire jobs. If this were not the case, these fresh graduates would be in a better position to contribute more to the country’s economy. Free college education has been successfully practiced in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Slovenia, and Finland and it has all been successful. Some of these countries have inferior economies than that of our country.

With free college education in place, students are able to put more focus on more on their studies and spend most of their time in school instead of worrying about where they will get the money to pay a fee for the coming semester. If students were to only pay for the costs of accommodation and board, the cost would be more affordable and the less fortunate students would be in a position to achieve their goals as well. Similarly, students who are not lucky to be funded by the government will still stand a chance of attending college. A free college education will encourage fairness and equality in the country. If the best and smart students were to succeed, people who are to make the country great in the future, then education, the equalizer, should be made equally and fairly accessible to all (Throndsen 2017).

Additionally, a free college education would lead to more and better inspection of the universities and colleges. This is because the taxpayers will want to know how their money is spent. The colleges would not be run like businesses anymore. Taxpayers would have the voice to insist that their money is spent on more important projects like construction of modern libraries, buying books, construction of modern laboratories among others rather than the money going to unnecessary issues including aesthetics and payment of student officials’ salaries. In this manner, the public owns the institutions since they are responsible for funding them. The move is also likely to result in better performance by colleges since the taxpayers will demand value for their hard-earned taxes.

The dream of a free college education is not an impossible one. For a country that spends billions of money on military purpose, college education can easily be catered for by simply lowering the military budget. As already explained, there can never be a bigger investment than that of an educated future. Most of the bright minds are not able to realize their dreams because they are not in a position to further their education. It should be understood that some of the low and middle-class families are not able to sponsor their children through college studies. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the government to ensure that the ground is leveled for all students regardless of their social background.

By wiping out large bills payable as college fees, we will begin to experience large numbers of students able to attend universities and colleges. The result of this is a workforce that is well educated and a population equipped with better critical and creative thinking skills. Creativity and critical thinking have the influence of promoting innovation and inventions in a country. The economy of the country needs the brightest people possible to fill in the jobs with the relevant skills to ensure increased economic growth. The strongest economy possible requires the best education possible (The Washington Post 2015). Therefore, the larger benefit would be for the state rather than the individual students.

Free college education is also likely to affect the courses that the students will pursue. Due to the fear of having to pay back loans as soon as one graduate, students are currently inclined to courses that offer more lucrative post-graduation incomes. If the fear was no longer a factor, the students, as well as their parents, would feel relaxed and the learners would have the opportunity to pursue the courses that do not necessarily attract a large paycheck. Students would have more freedom to try out new ideas and live the lives that they desire if the burden of starting-off in debt is removed off their shoulders. This leads to a happier population, which in turn leads to a more prosperous country (Clawson 2017). Students can stick to the fields they enjoy rather than chose courses when under pressure.

From the above reasons, I believe students should be able to access free college education .the positive effects will definitely outweigh the negative ones for me. The country will be empowering future professionals such as doctors, educators, engineers, and leaders who would otherwise not get the opportunity to live their dreams.

In conclusion, making college education free to the less fortunate students is a perfect way to make the “great equalizer” accessible to all. The graduates will experience a boosted morale to increase their contribution to the economy while the college debts will also be greatly lowered. It is my belief that any student who has the brains to excel in college, yet not able to afford it, should be offered the opportunity to pursue their education regardless of the incomes of their families. Money runs institutions, but it should not be the limiting factor as far as obtaining a college education is concerned.

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August 18, 2021

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