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A case that affects multiple persons is a psychiatric illness. 20 percent of people are trying to fight off mental disease, according to the video. It displays various forms of mental illness in the "stop stigma," film, including stigmatization, severe depression, OCD, alcohol dependence on Alzheimer's disease, bipolar depression, panic disorder, body dysmorphia, and schizophrenia. The mental disorder listed will affect anybody, like friends and relatives, even people close to you. They are people, and it is not their fault to be in that situation, and mental illness can play a huge role in a person’s life, and people are advised not to focus on the disease but on treatment as other ordinary people that do not have the illness.

Labeling of mental illness can be positive and be negative as well in the individual’s life that is having the disease and to other people. One of the advantages of labeling a person is that it enables and allows the psychiatric doctor know where to place the case and how to handle the patient or the illness including the patient. When the doctor has been able to place the patient and the illness, the patient will find it easy to know that kind of treatment should be administered which is the second advantage.

The disadvantage of labeling a person with mental illness is considered to be an offense, and it is known to be the primary source of stigma to the person or the patient, especially the social stigma. Labeling has caused people their jobs, and associating with people in the society would be hard. In the olden days, the mental illness was known to be a terrible illness and many people did not accept the people in their society. It is evident that culture plays a significant role in the perception, for example, the culture today has made it clear that the people with mental illness should be treated as human beings and that their illness does not define who they are as an individual.


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January 20, 2022

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