Plessy v. Fergusson Research Essay

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The extremely personal events that led to Plessy's arrest for what the white people perceived as a legal violation are detailed in the case judgment overview of Plessy v. Fergusson. One of the most well-known landmark cases to be submitted before the US Supreme Court was this one, which was brought before the Court. The main issue in the case involved Homer Adolph Plessy boarding a train when only white people were compelled to do so. Homer was black, so the white people recognized him. However, because he would not get into a vehicle, he was arrested. The aim of this paper is to review what the court decided and focus on areas of any weakness within the case.

The Supreme Court was very efficient in how it addressed the case. The productive nature of the case is identified when it established legalization of segregation policy. This is important because racial discrimination is against the law (Harper, Patton & Wooden, 2009). The decisions that the court made on Plessy v. Fergusson have influenced some cases that followed and has made an impact on many current statutes.

In conclusion, many cases have been presented before the Supreme Court and it has made the appropriate judgments. Some of these cases have influenced the formation of many laws that have been implemented. It is, therefore, very efficient how the Supreme Courte has been used to illustrate these changes from cases it has handled. However, some cases are weakened by the interpretations provided by the judges that only met laws of logic instead of stressing the adaptation of the different interpretation as well.


Harper, S. R., Patton, L. D., & Wooden, O. S. (2009). Access and equity for African American students in higher education: A critical race historical analysis of policy efforts. The Journal of Higher Education, 80(4), 389-414.

July 15, 2023

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