Power, Politics, Conflict, and Negotiation are both aspects of power.

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The article (Salem Press, 2014) addresses the various forms of control and the circumstances in which they relate. According to the author of the paper, there are five distinct forms of force: authoritarian power, incentive power, referent power, legal power, and specialist power. The models of control are the work of two scholars, French and Raven. The article goes on to say that other scholars believe in the nature of sixth and seventh powers and goes on to explain that they are referred to as powers.
My primary form of power
My primary form of power is referent power. I have an exemplary personality that makes my colleagues respect me and listen to whatever I have to say. Moreover, I like listening to everyone’s story, which makes my listeners pay good attention at what I have to say and emulate my behavior.

Both power and politics are important concepts in the study of organizational behavior. Power refers to the ability of effecting a change in a group or an individual in some particular way. In an organization’s basis, politics is the power in action and can be either legitimate or illegitimate in nature (Steve Ellis, 2003).

Cases I have used, seen or heard the different forms of power

Coercive power

In my school where the principle punishes students who do not meet the expectations.

This form of power was appropriately used to reform lazy students and those with unwanted behavior.

Reward power

In class, some teachers could reward best students with gifts while the rest are denied. Through this reward system, other students were compelled to work hard in order to earn the gifts.

Legitimate power

In my society, a pastor is respected due to his role in the society. People go to church, listen to his teachings, and become good people.

Referent power

Celebrities like T.I are respected and can have people do other things like donations to charities due to his personality and fame. The power can be misused or used wisely.

Expert power

Doctor Carson is an example of a person with this type of power. Being an expert in neurosurgery and the first to separate conjoined twins places him in a position to influence other medical practitioners in how they do their duties.

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Steve Ellis, ‎. D. (2003). Power and Politics: Chapter 19. India: ICFAI University.

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