Prevention of Falls in the Older Persons

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A fall can be expressed as an unintended change in the position of a person triggering them to land at the lower level of the floorother than as an outcome of overwhelming peripheral force and sudden onset paralysis. The severity of the resulting injuries varies and 40 to 60 percent of fall results in major traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and lacerations. An older individual who falls may subsequently experience poor quality life, decreased overall functional ability, and admission to a nursing home, surgical intervention, and hospitalization experience pain, admission to a nursing home or fear of falling (Becker, Woo, & Todd, 2017).  The essay will assess the best strategies that can be implemented to reduce the number of fall for the older adults using thee falling aid.

Literature Search Strategy and the Results of Your Search

The research mainly relied on the online search by banking on the online research databased (Gold, Grant Online-On-Line database, Art’s and HSRProj).  The investigator also researched on the Website of coordinators and funders of different projects, for instance, the Leapfrog group. The paper also relied on the opinion of the staff at Robertwood Johnson foundation on whether the sources of information meet the inclusion criteria of being referred to as funded organizations. The results of the research were journals that contained detailed information on the causes of fall among the older individual as well as detailed strategies for reducing such cases.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Multifactorial Intervention

Major Findings

Based on the information that is presented by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information falls occur in the older people and has an adverse impact on the quality of life(Becker, Woo, & Todd, 2017). The researcher evaluates the effectiveness of the multifactorial approach in reducing the number of falls.


The article is relevant because it offers a remedy on the best methods that can be used to reduce the cases of falls. The article is relevant because it is peer-reviewed and used a randomized trial to measure the capability of multifactorial interventions.


The article is useful because it assesses the individual risk of falling and then offers a remedy to that would be useful in limiting the cases of falls.  The intervention reduces the cases of falls in older individuals residing in the society.


The result of the study is valid because of the valid measurement processors.  The data analysis is error free implying that there are reduced cases of revision and repeated testing of the instruments.

Credibility of the Source

 The source is credible because it is peer-reviewed and come from a reliable research company. The information has been published by the government, it is based on the current and reliable research.

 Exercise and Physical Activity

Major Findings

According to Cho & An, 2014 engaging in physical activities can be an effective remedy in preventing falls among the older people. The activities that improve balance, strength and coordination can reduce the chances of falls. The physical exercises tend to improve flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, and strength(Cho & An, 2014).


The physical exercise must be part of the strategy to reduce the cases of fall in the older persons. Exercise can prevent the casesof falls in older individuals with conditions like visual and physical impairment, diabetes, Parkinson, osteoporosis and even stroke. Besides reducing the instances of falls, exercises can improve the quality life of the older persons.  The program has to be performed on regular basis and should be based functions capacities such as flexibility, muscular strength, mobility, balance, agility, and coordination. Exercise can include multicar-sensory programs, as well as carrying objects, stepping up or down the stairs and walking.


The journal is useful because it offers tips on how individuals can decrease the number of falls.  The journal states that exercise ought to be a permanent project because any interruption will lead to the reversibility of benefits on function and health. The journal also contains a detailed research on the importance of physical exercise during research.

Reliability of Data

The data is reliable because it comes from a peer-reviewed and published journal. The article also follows the current means of analysis. The data is error free and sufficiently complete, and it’s convincing for its context and purpose.

Credibility of the Source

The information about the source of information is on the internet with a listed author. The methods of data collection, as well as research, is up to date.  The source is also peer-reviewed and a scholar article.  The journal also supports the papers of argument of reducing the number of falls among the older persons.

Medication Intervention

Major Findings

The article investigated the capacity of various medications in reducing the number of falls among the older persons(Mayo &Figueiredo, 2016). The researcher assessed the impact of using the pharmacist transition coordination for the patients who have already been discharged from the hospice to the long-term care facility. The research evidence showed that medication has an effect on the risk of falling.


The journal is relevant because it presents medication to be a factor that can reduce the chances of falling among the older persons and the risks associated with it.


The article offers vision correction and vitamin D to be remedy in reducing the cases of falls. The research shows that the two procedures statistically reduces the cases of falls. There is no harm associated with vitamin D. However, vision correction increases paradoxical.


The information is reliable because it comes from the relevant sources. All the statistical research standards have been followed. The researcher uses data that is collected from the older persons.


The source of information is credible because it has been peer-reviewed and published. The source is also up to date and it is crucial in supporting my argument.

CNA (2015) Framework

The Role of the Nurse in Health Protection/Promotion

The fall in older people can be effectively prevented by the multifaceted intervention of the nurse practitioners.  Assessment and medication of the risk factors that can reduce the cases of falls in the world(Mayo &Figueiredo, 2016).  The hospitalized patients also rely on the availability of nurses to make them feel less apprehensive and safer.  The nurses should engage patients on regular basis to identify any risks of falling.

Holistic Need of Older Adults

The nurses in the healthcare sector should conduct psychological profiling among the older persons.  Psychological profiling is a chain of test pf postural sway, reaction time, muscle force, peripheral sensation, and a simple test of vision to differentiate between the persons who are likely to fall.


The implementation of the fall prevention programs is a critical aspect in reducing the number of falling cases that are witnessed in the world today.  Various fall prevention programs such as medication, engaging in regular exercises and multidisciplinary approach have been proven to be quite effective.  There is need for more reliable instrument to be initiated with the ability to predict falls so that corrective measure can be taken as soon as possible.


Becker, C., Woo, J., & Todd, C. (2017). Falls. Oxford Medicine Online. doi:10.1093/med/9780198701590.003.0050

Cho, S., & An, D. (2014). Effects of a Fall Prevention Exercise Program on Muscle Strength and Balance of the Old-old Elderly. Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 26(11), 1771-1774. doi:10.1589/jpts.26.1771

Mayo, N. E., &Figueiredo, S. M. (2016). Falls Count and Counting Falls: Making Sense of Data About Falls. Medication-Related Falls in Older People, 13-38. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-32304-6_3

October 13, 2023

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