Pricking the Bubble of College Education

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Education and the Impact of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) V

Education has been characterized as a transformational tool that makes people become more accountable, wise, and capable citizens. Abel and Richard (p. 10) discovered that the gains of obtaining a college degree outweigh the costs in their study on college education. As a result of these discoveries, more people around the world are attempting to obtain a college degree. However, with the release and popularity of Grand Theft Auto V, a college education is likely to be priced. This is especially important given how much power games have on society. The Grand Theft Auto V has been termed as racist, violent, homophobic and sexist (Warnke, pg. 46). This paper borrows from various literature to critique the impact of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V on college education. While it seems to indicate that higher education differentiates people by behavior, class and social status, Grand Theft Auto V trivializes college education, overgeneralizing it as a means to exploit legal loopholes and make ill-gotten gains. It implies that college education is overvalued.<\/p>

The Misappropriation of Education in Grand Theft Auto V

The game has three protagonists such as child fostering, housing, and education. The education babble concerns long-term security and insurance. The perception is that education delivers a promise, more so to the lower class people, promising them safety. Their excess is justified by the perception that despite the changes being witnessed in the world this is the definite investments that one can make. The cost of houses is always appreciating in value and there is a guarantee for a better job after college. College education is therefore reduced to be just a social ladder that is used for safety and getting the job. This representation is very limiting of all the values ascribed to education including the value system, knowledge, skills, sports, and social networking. The other problem with this perception is that a person who believes that college education is a guarantee for better job may end up being very frustrated if after completing college they don’t get a job immediately. Besides, if the ultimate goal of education was to get a good job and gain wealth which will serve as some sort of security the children who are born to parents of high socioeconomic status would not have any reason to go to college.<\/p>

The Degrading Portrayal of Education in Grand Theft Auto V

The game establishment of education is misappropriated since the idea for going to college is stated as earning for getting rid of people-capitalism. Higher education is associated with higher socioeconomic status. The protagonist Michael in the game is portrayed as having had a tough upbringing and without much formal education. He, however, has a yearning for crime and engages in the vicious circle of crimes. Surprisingly, even the highly intelligent FBI also commit similar crimes. This is degrading to college education since it is apparent that the education that the FBI agents had did not add to their value system. It is Ironic therefore that much glory is given to Michael’s daughter upon joining college since if one goes by the example of the FBI agents the education does not amount to any value.<\/p>

The Potent Messages of Grand Theft Auto V

It is also worth noting that the choice of player in GTA shapes the plot and experience of the game which grants some degree of freedom further strengthening the messages encountered. This implies that the messages communicated by the characters in the plot may be very potent as in interactive medium. This is significant because of mass produced images fill our daily lives and condition our most intimate perceptions and desires’ (Giroux, pg.2). At issue for educators and parents concerns how media culture, is now a substantial educational in giving values, meanings and tastes that provide the norms. The GTA V has images which as stated by Giroux condition perceptions and desires of the players to think act and form cultural patterns that the game has.<\/p>

The Controversial Education in Grand Theft Auto V

It is a strong educational tool in as much as it provides very controversial education that undermines the values and virtues taught in colleges. For instance, the game presents different ethnic groups in a variety of settings and gives them some profiling that has been regarded by many as racist. This depiction of racist group is discouraged in colleges and other educational institutions because it encourages racial profiling and prejudice. Students who are fond of playing the video game can easily form their value pattern based on the images in the game instead of what they acquire in school if parents and educators are reluctant to direct the children. Paul Darvasi, Royal St. George’s College instructor, shows how the ironic nature of the game reinforces false ideas about education. He substantiated his claims by designing a GTA-based course at the school, which comprises students like “upper middle-class white males, a very dominant social group in North American society. Darvasi then showed the students how the themes in the game were political using the black protagonist of the game-Franklin (Cambell).<\/p>

The Influence of Grand Theft Auto V on Education

In describing the GTA series DeVane and Kurt (pg. 266) states that it is ‘a somewhat curious artifact, reflective of today’s global digital media.’ The authors also state that the game is neither fiction nor real but hyper real. This description shows that the game is partly a reflection of the current digital culture hence is likely to have a major influence on the young population. The issue is that since the game is not entirely factual it can be misleading to the young population who view the game as a reflection of the real life. Even more alarming the game is one of the most successful esport since its launching. The first three days of its selling, the game sold more than $1 billion cash on the game. For it to be popular it means that it has many players who play it for entertainment and end up defining their belief system.<\/p>

The Impact of Grand Theft Auto V on Education

Despite the numerous criticisms on the GTA game there it has been argued that the game actually has some social impact on education. The basis of this argument is that the unrealistic idealism presented in the game such as association of education and a higher social class or prestigious job serve as motivational factors for the GTA players to desire college education. It is also worth mentioning that such ideas are partially true since there are a number of people who have climbed the social ladder after education. However, even though such motivation for children may make them desire college education the problem with it limits the value of education to some sort of capitalism.<\/p>

The Devastating Effects of Grand Theft Auto V on Education

Grand Theft Auto V should be banned especially among younger generation due to its devastating effects on education. Due to its appealing images, the game not only influences the belief system of its players but also educates on vices such as racism which is condemned in educational institutions. The game reduces education to a tool used by the middle class to gain safety. It also portrays education as not adding any moral and intellectual value since uneducated person and highly intelligent people engage in similar crimes. This can discourage people from attending college especially if they already have economic security. The only relevance of the game is that it can motivate students into desiring and joining college education so as to be safe. This idea is however very limited considering the various impact of education on behavior, knowledge and social networking.<\/p>

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