Purpose- Research, brainstorm

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Purpose- Conduct research, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate as a group to effectively complete the global warming assignment.

Attendee- All group members are expected to attend all meetings set by the chairman of the group.

Where and When- This year's first group meeting will be held on November 10th at the Taifa Hall. Following the initial meeting, all members will agree on the dates for the subsequent meetings.

Agenda: Group orientation in terms of group member names, key goals, gender, and assessing each person's communication skills.Ways of ensuring that each team member contemplates the following steps that are required in order for the group to achieve its set targets. Therefore, it will be achieved by ensuring each group member speaks out about his or her contribution cowards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the group.

Brainstorming and discussing how global warming occurs, the causes of global warming, and the effects of global warming on the environment, human beings, animals, and the future generations.

Delegating research areas to each group member in order for him or her to research and present the findings to the group during the next meeting.

Discussing and coming into consensus with the most appropriate date and venue of the next meeting that the group will hold.

Special notes: The attendance of group meetings is mandatory for all participants. Each group member will have an equal chance of presenting his or her ideas to group members. All participants are free to raise his or her concerns or ideas to the other group members.

April 06, 2023
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