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Ideally, research projects are both fun and boring.My previous thesis is a critical component of my course analysis. It was obvious that the information was critical to my research. Based on the study, I will then recognize the significance of numerous technical provisions in the  curriculum for individual learning and development. This subject was fundamental to the cognitive approach to learning and growth in the community and in schools.

Computer and video games in education

Computer and video games have become some of the most common edutainment instruments in most classrooms around the world. The use of technologies holds the key to the future of such trends. I found such topics very intriguing and worth researching on. Thus, it was enjoyable reading about a topic I have embraced for a long time in the course. First, I found information in the library resources. The book "Learning by playing: Video gaming in education" by Blumberg captivated my conscience and I found the information appealing to my concerns about the topic. Practically, numerous aspects of technology play role in the progress of curriculum execution. Thus, the content displayed a comprehensive approach to the contemporary society in numerous ways.

Exploring the origin of technological devices

Moreover, it was interesting to learn much about the origin of the technological devices in the course. I had never imagined being in access of such information before I decided to venture into the project. Technically, the process entailed qualitative approach to research and the concepts generated various variables that contribute to the implementation of the contents of the curriculum. Aspects of communal development and classical concerns in technology bear a common link to the roles of curriculum development for the toddlers and teenagers. Therefore, I found the topic very engaging and relevant in a variety of ways in this case.

Challenges and benefits

One of the major challenges faced involve the access to the e-book resources. It was tough to read through the literature. Literature was one of the major challenges in the research project. I also encountered different viewpoints regarding the topic and that almost made lost track of my progress. Nonetheless, the majority of the materials portrayed a higher level of similarity index within the study contexts. I learnt the technology industry present one of the most complex segments of the economy. It bears huge benefit to the society in terms of economic growth and development. The reign of technology is far-fetching as the introduction of various gaming techniques pushed for higher levels of cognitive development among the learners as well the teachers. One contrary view point would be on the argument of teacher application of the video games. It is true that the teachers can use the video games to expand their scope of thinking within the education sector. Therefore, the introduction of computers presents a major milestone in the reign of human creativity and innovation. Evidently, the process of researching enabled me to learn a lot of stuff about these issues in the world today.

November 03, 2022

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