Role of The Teacher

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The phrase appears to be significant in light of the practical-minded perspective of Montessori since it illustrates the extent to which teachers gave up their time to help pupils succeed academically. The remark, in my opinion, is significant in that it embodies the kind of respect and devotion the professors felt for their students and how they were constantly wished well in their academic endeavors. Therefore, the quote makes the reader understand the nature of education provided for the American children, where the teachers envy determination in all angles to ensure that the students realize their academic objectives.

“Take care that the infant does not soil anything or become a nuisance. Watch out! Be on your guard!” pg 23

The quote used in the reading is of importance because it depicts the extent to which the parents have the responsibility to take of the children. Additionally, the readers tend to know that a newborn baby lack the senses of understanding and therefore they should be monitored at close range to protect them from harm. Moreover, the quote is of importance to the knowledge of the Montessori journey because the protection will expose the child to an environment where they will begin to learn to differentiate between that which is terrible and that wrong, and not based on the theoretical aspects. Therefore, based on the quote it is important to learn that one should protect whatever they possess even if they have no valuable elements attached to them.

“He was in the world…and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” Pg 25

The quote is of importance in the context of the reading because it depicts the pain and the suffering that the newborn babies go through because their parents do not bother to offer adequate protection to them. Additionally, I get to learn about the hardship and the privation that children experience in their first month of child existence in the world. Concerning the Montessori understanding and journey, the reader gets to learn how the environment to which the children are exposed to that is accompanied with parental neglect will shape the future life of the child as they will strive to create a better world in the days to come.

“You cannot see it, but I know where it is and can find it with my eyes closed.” Pg 55

The quote is of importance because it depicts the developmental stages in children. Therefore, the quote implies that the parents have the responsibility to direct their children for they have the experience of life and can note the best values of life that can be embraced which the children cannot identify. Moreover, the quote envies the egger of children to locate things in their right place despite the difficulties encountered in doing so.

“You must correct children, or you will end up being their slaves.” Pg 105

The quote is of importance because it depicts the responsibilities that the parents have to show to their children for them to grow up responsible individuals. The implication is that if the children are not corrected when they are young, they will end up growing with dangerous behaviors that can never be corrected at an elder age, thus making them be a burden to the parents. Additionally, the concept applies to the Montessori understanding because it exposes the kind of behavior the children will have if they are never corrected.

March 10, 2023

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