Social Media Marketing Plan

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The client and his passion

The client in this case is a laid-back but ambitious 28-year-old man who is interested in fictitious online writing with the purpose of publishing eBooks. The client has already taken the first step toward becoming an eBook author, having defined his passion.

Starting small and building success

Given that the client is quite systematic and enjoys starting small and building on one success after another, developing material for already existing online media would be a fantastic place to start. D. Carnegie (2012). This means that the customer can write content as a guest blogger for existing established writers and sites. This will help build on his confidence, and expose him to an already built audience from where he can attract his own audience. Giving work for free may seem a hard thing to do but as a beginner, it is the easier way to penetrate the online content market.

Building a personal brand through social media

Secondly, the writer must build his own brand, one that people can identify with and use the brand as the main selling point for his content. For effective brand creation and recognition, an online social media presence is inevitable. Social media offers freedom, sincerity, entertainment and low costs. (Aaker, D. 1996): This therefore means that he must set up a blog and be published frequently. The content should always be interesting and engaging; hence writers aim should always to publish a better write up than the previous one. To achieve this kind of continuous growth, the writer must learn more each day. The blog content can be shared through Facebook, Google share, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Knowing where to publish

As a basic rule, a writer must always know where to publish his content to increase publicity. A perfect step to start out for publication as recommended by (Gurnett, 2006) would be websites that publish short stories. Subscribing as a member of writers' forums is also essential to increase the network so and learn from more experienced writers.


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April 26, 2023

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